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Juanita Drive Corridor Study

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Juanita Drive Corridor Study
July 24, 2014 (Adobe PDF Logo 12.82 MB)
Summary: Juanita Drive Corridor Study
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Appendix A: Juanita Drive Corridor Study
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Appendix B: Juanita Drive Corridor Study
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Rod Steitzer, P.E.
Project Engineer
(425) 587-3825

Christian Knight
Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator
(425) 587-3831
On August 6th, Kirkland City Council passed Resolution R-5066, Adopting the Juanita Drive Corridor Study.


  • Address safety needs for all travel  modes.
  • Maintain corridor unique identity and natural landscape.
  • Engage community in shared vision for future improvements.
  • Protect the extraordinary natural environment. 
  • Provide financially feasible, strategic and realistic priorities for the corridor.
The City's Public Works staff, with extensive involvement of local neighborhood stakeholders, is partnering with the consultant team of Fehr & Peers, Perteet, Inc., and EnviroIssues to complete the Juanita Drive Corridor Study.  The purpose of the study is to evaluate existing conditions, collect input from stakeholders and users, and analyze potential safety improvements for drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians.  The study will identify key improvements that will be included in the project prioritization process in 2014 for the 2015-2020 Citywide Capital Improvement Program.

The Study will include (but is not limited to) the following:
  • extensive public involvement and outreach;
  • analysis of corridor operations for volume, level of service, speed, safety, transit, parking, and lighting;
  • analysis of pedestrian connections to local parks, schools and businesses;
  • inventory of roadway geometrics contributing to potential safety problems;
  • needs assessment for future projects, developing and evaluating alternative concepts;
  • coordination with the Citywide Surface Water Master Plan and Citywide Comprehensive Plan; and
  • preparation of a Juanita Drive Corridor Study report outlining the steps, findings, and recommendations of the Study.

The City is committed to keeping the public informed and involved throughout every step of the Corridor Study.  This includes soliciting public input at key study milestones, including 1) identifying the issues to be addressed by the Study; 2) developing alternatives; 3) establishing a criteria for evaluating alternatives; and 4) establishing a community vision for future safety improvements for Juanita Drive. 

Ways to stay informed and involved in the Study include attending community workshops, meetings, online interactive maps and comment forms, and email and mail notifications.  Check back to this web site to see updated schedule information of public involvement activities planned for the Study.


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