Marina Park Dock and Shoreline Renovations

  • Project typePark renovation
  • Project valueTBD
  • Project scheduleFall 2025 - Spring 2026
  • Contractor nameTBD

The City of Kirkland is planning in late 2025 to renovate and repair several features of Marina Park. 

Those features include: 

  • Repairing the South Pier by replacing some of its existing piles
  • Replacing utilities
  • Rebuilding the stairs 
  • Upgrading to ADA compliance the curb ramps on the south end of the park
  • Replacing the stairs on the west side of the pavilion with an ADA-compliant ramp
  • Expanding the pavilion's patio to the north so it is ADA compliant and more capable of serving as a special events
  • Reconfiguring the picnic tables