Neighborhood Greenways (North Rose Hill, South Rose Hill)

  • Project typePedestrian and bicyclist safety
  • Project value$1.78 million
  • Project scheduleWinter - Fall 2021
  • Contractor nameRodarte Construction


WHAT: The City of Kirkland plans to begin construction in January 2021 on what will be its first two neighborhood greenways in a city-wide network of them. The greenways are on South Rose Hill's Northeast 75th Street corridor and North Rose Hill's 128th Avenue Northeast corridor. Greenways are transportation corridors where walking and bicycling are the primary modes of travel and driving is the alternative form. 

WHY: Greenways enable people to ride bicycles or walk to destinations without having to share the busier streets with automobiles. This contributes to the City of Kirkland's vision for a multi-modal transportation network, designed to give residents more options for how they get around the city.

WHEN: The project engineer expects construction to start in January 2021 and finish in the spring.