Northeast 131st Way Improvements

  • Project typeWalking, bicycling improvements
  • Project value$1.154 million
  • Project scheduleConstruction Spring 2023 - Fall 2023
  • Contractor nameApcon-Tech



The City of Kirkland begins construction in July on a series of walking and bicycling improvements along Northeast 131st Way and 90th Avenue Northeast, between 97th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 134th Street.

The City plans to replace broken curb, guardrails; replace damaged pavement and restore pavement markings that alert drivers that people could be walking and riding bicycles along the corridor.

Will the project eliminate the danger that the catch basins pose to people who are riding bicycles?

Yes, all catch basins in the existing pathway will have new grates that are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. As such, the grates will be level with the surface.


Can the City install a sidewalk on the south side of Northeast 131st Way, west of Juanita Elementary School to 94th Avenue Northeast?

Not with this project. However, you can suggest this project to the City of Kirkland using the Our Kirkland portal. 

Should people who are riding bicycles down the hill toward the east ride in the vehicle lane?

The downhill vehicle lane is open for people riding bicycles and due to the roadway's insufficient width, the project cannot establish a bicycle lane in that direction. However riding a bicycle in the vehicle lane is an individual's choice. A person riding a bicycle may choose to take that route or opt for a different, albeit more circuitous route.

Where are the street lights going?

The project will establish three street lights along the corridor. Two will be at the 92nd Avenue Northeast intersection. The third will be at 94th Avenue Northeast. 


What type of lights will the project establish?

Yes, the lighting is designed to minimize light pollution by shining directly onto the roadway to provide safety for pedestrians, vehicles, and bicyclists.

Will this project widen any part of the corridor?

No, this project will not widen the roadway at any location. All project improvements will occur within the existing roadway width


Will the new curbing be similar in height and style as the existing curbing?

Yes, the new curbing will be similar to the existing curbing. Taller median curbs cause many challenges for maintenance, specifically street sweepers.


Will the project include a roundabout at the top of the hill?

No. A roundabout exceeds the scope and budget for this project.

How will the City maintain the protected pathway?

The City's maintenance crews may use a variety of tools to keep litter and leaves out of the pathway, such as a street-sweeper--hence the shorter curb height.

Will this project widen any part of the corridor?

No. The project will work within the existing roadway to complete all improvements.

How will the project install the curbing?

The City will use adhesive to install and establish the curbing. To ensure its reliability, the project has updated the type and quantity of the adhesive it uses for such projects.