Lake Street Pedestrian Scramble

  • Project typePedestrian scramble, including upgrades to sidewalks, traffic signals and stormwater system
  • Project value$3.627 million
  • Project scheduleSpring 2024 - Fall 2024
  • Contractor nameNot yet hired

RENDERING-from-Kirkland-Avenue-west.pngThe above illustration depicts Lake Street's intersection with Kirkland Avenue after construction on the pedestrian scramble is complete in December.


The City of Kirkland is planning in spring 2024 to improve downtown pedestrian safety, traffic flow and a primary walking connection between Kirkland's waterfront and its downtown storefronts.

The Lake Street pedestrian scramble project will create a crosswalk at Lake Street's intersection with Kirkland Avenue that will allow people who are walking to cross the intersection in any direction when traffic is stopped.
To ensure that people who are walking and rolling are more visible to those who are driving, the project will elevate the intersection to be level with the surrounding sidewalks.

It will also upgrade the surrounding curb ramps and traffic signals.

The project will also replace a failing stormwater system, which will prevent water from pooling at the raised intersection's base.

The surface, itself, will feature landscaping, street furnishing, lighting, pavers and decorative concrete that will aesthetically connect it to Park Lane.

How long will the Kirkland Avenue and Lake Street intersection be closed?

rain-on-fresh-concrete-shutterstock_96735.jpgEight weeks. Kirkland’s contractor will complete a series of weather-sensitive tasks during the eight-week closure of the Kirkland Avenue and Lake Street intersection.

Those tasks include upgrading the intersection’s stormwater system and rebuilding its surface with asphalt and concrete.

Successful completion of all three elements requires warm, dry weather during construction.

Completing this project in the summer months minimizes risk for weather-related project delays due to outside temperatures.

Also, rain can damage the structural integrity and aesthetics of concrete elements.
Like with outside temperature, extended rain would halt progress on stormwater upgrades, thereby prolonging the length of closure.



Did the City Council postpone construction until Spring 2024?

Yes. The City decided in May 2023 to postpone construction until spring 2024. However, City of Kirkland staff members are currently refining that schedule.

Regardless of the dates, construction will require a full closure of the intersection. During construction, people will still be able to walk or ride bicycles to businesses within the closure area.
During the closure, Kirkland’s contractor will detour automotive traffic around the closed construction site via Second Avenue South, Lakeview Drive and Central Way.
Of the three options the City considered in September 2022, the eight-week closure option was the quickest and the least expensive for Kirkland’s taxpayers.
One of the options would have partially or fully closed the intersection for 13 weeks—11 weeks of partly closing it and two weeks of fully closing it.
The other would have closed the intersection for 11 weeks—seven weeks of a partial closure and four weeks of a full closure.


What forms of travel will be limited during the closure?

Driving automobiles and riding bicycles on the affected streets will be prohibited. People will still be able to walk to businesses within the closure area.

How will downtown traffic detour around the closure area?

Kirkland and Lake Full Detour-2.png The City of Kirkland will be relying on the detour route it employed in May 2021 when developers of the 112 Lake Street Apartments project closed Lake Street for a weekend to transport a crane across the intersection.

To go north, drivers will use Lakeview Drive and State Street, which they’ll be able to access using a variety of cross-streets, such as 10th, Seventh and Second avenues south.

Central Way and Second Avenue South will convey much of downtown’s eastbound traffic. And Park Lane will be open to vehicles, as well.

The detour route will include U-turn areas at all four legs of the closed intersection.

Where will the streets be closed?

CLOSURE-MAP.png On the north leg of Lake Street, the closure will extend to--but not through--Park Lane. On the south leg, it will extend approximately 50 feet south of the alleyway that is on the south side of Homegrown. 

On the east leg of Kirkland Avenue, it will extend to the Kiwami Sushi Bar and Sake House.

On the west leg of Kirkland Avenue, it will extend to 88 Kirkland Salon. 

Will people be able to walk or roll in the roadway within the closure area?

No. The roadway within the closure area will be an active construction zone with construction fencing surrounding it. 

Will Park Lane be closed to automobiles during the eight-week closure?

No. People driving automobiles southbound on Lake Street from Central Way will be able to access Park Lane. Park Lane will not be accessible for northbound vehicles. 

Will the project preserve street parking along Lake Street?

Yes. All existing parking spots that exist now will be available after construction is over. During the eight-week closure, all existing parking spots that are within the closure area will be unavailable during the closure.




View the City Council decision on closure duration(PDF, 1MB)


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