Eighth Avenue West water and sewer main upgrades

  • Project typeWater & Sewer mains upgrade
  • Project value$3.7 million
  • Project scheduleSpring to Fall
  • Contractor nameTBD


The City of Kirkland is planning in April to begin upgrades to the water and sewer mains beneath Eighth Avenue West, between Market and Fifth streets. 

The upgrades include two blocks along 5th Street West, between Eighth and 10th avenues west.

To install the new water main, Kirkland’s contractor will be using all of the City’s right-of-way, including sections along residents’ yard frontages. 

This means crews will be removing everything within Kirkland’s right-of-way, including vegetation, retaining walls and walkways.

The contractor will restore those areas before completing the upgrades in November. 

Kirkland’s contractor, not yet hired, will work eight hours a day between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, from April to November. 

To prepare the work site for the water main upgrade, Kirkland’s contractor will remove everything within the right-of-way, including vegetation, retaining walls and walkways, which help form the frontages of residents’ yards.  

  • The work will require the contractor to dig trenches along Eighth Avenue West and Fifth Street West.
  • The contractor will repave disrupted sections of street at the end of the project.