132nd Square Park Redevelopment and Stormwater Retrofit

  • Project typePark renovation and stormwater retrofit
  • Project scheduleJune 2021 - June 2022
  • Contractor nameTo be determined by public bid

 132ND-SQUARE-PARK-rendering-Feb-14.jpg(PDF, 3MB)

Kirkland's 132nd Square Park design team presented this vision at the Feb. 12 open house for a renovated park. Click here(PDF, 12MB) to see the 30 percent design package.


The City of Kirkland is designing a project to better manage stormwater in the Totem Lake/Juanita Creek basin. 

At the same time, the City is planning to invest in the park’s ballfields, trail system and playgrounds.

The stormwater system will consolidate and treat stormwater run-off from the surrounding 48.5 acres. The project will require a 10-foot-deep hole that is nearly the size of the soccer field. Kirkland’s leaders are capitalizing on this money-saving opportunity—as well as the need to expand park access—to replace the grass surface with synthetic turf.

To ensure that those investments are compatible with the community's vision and the City's goals for the park, Kirkland's leaders engaged the community in a master plan process, resulting in its adoption. 


Heavy rains and snowmelt can overwhelm the Totem Lake and Juanita Basin drainage system, resulting sometimes in flooded streets, sidewalks, and homes. The 132nd Square stormwater project aims to reduce the amount of stormwater that flows into Totem Lake, and to filter out many of the pollutants that drain with it.


132nd Square Park is one of Kirkland's seven community parks. As such, it must accommodate thousands of residents' desire to play ball. A turf surface enables people to play year-round, even in the wettest conditions.


The stormwater project will require contracted crews to dig up at least one of the ball fields in the park. This provides an opportunity for the City of Kirkland to save nearly $2 million on the installation of synthetic turf. The City engaged with the community in a Park Master Planning process to ensure any improvements align with the city and community’s values and desires for the park. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have comments or concerns regarding anything in this FAQ please submit your input and any actionable steps by contacting Mary Gardocki, Kirkland's parks development manager. 

How expensive will it be to rent the sports facilities?

Rates, fees and scheduling has not been determined. We are completing a system-wide cost recovery study for all of our programs, services and athletic fields. Once the cost recovery report is complete and a policy is adopted, then we will be able to examine fees.

How will low-income groups afford to use the facilities?

Low income scholarships for programs will be available.

Will there continue to be opportunity for community activities/pick-up games?

Yes. Open-play activities are encouraged. A list of amenities available at this park are available through the Online Parks Guide. This is also why we’re meeting with you today, to make sure that we know what amenities in the park are important to you so that we can make efforts to preserve them. 

Is artificial turf safe?

There are many types of artificial turfs and infill materials on the market, including organic materials. Toxicology assessments have been conducted on common chemicals found in synthetic turf fields in the United States. (Alaina N. Perkins, 2018) Safety is a consideration in the development of new fields and there will be an assessment of potential building materials. For more information, please visit https://www.syntheticturfcouncil.org/page/FAQs.

What are the environmental impacts?

Environmental impacts vary based on many factors including building materials, drainage, external environmental factors, degradation, and design. Appropriate environmental review (SEPA) will be part of the 132nd Square Park Master Plan.

Why wasn’t the community involved in the planning process?

Multiple opportunities for community input are available, including this survey Future opportunities include the June 20 Community Open House at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Previous opportunities have included focus group, a picnic in the park, a community open house and a neighborhood meeting. 

Will there be additional fencing to go along with upgrades to sports facilities?

Fencing updates throughout the park are in consideration.

What will the park hours be?

Park hours are dawn to dusk during the off seasons (October – March) and 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. through the summer season (April – September). Hours for synthetic turf field have yet to be established.

How late will the lights be on?

No later than 11 p.m.

How can we maintain the neighborhood/community character of the park?

Community input is valuable to understanding and maintaining the character of the park. This is a factor in park design. Please provide your input at one of our meetings or visit our project website.

Is it possible to balance community uses with sports uses, etc.?

Yes. Community input is valuable to understanding how people use amenities in the park so that they can continue to use the parks in the ways that meet their needs.

How will parking be addressed with additional park users?

An upward trend in park attendance is expected if improvements are made to the park. Quantifying the number of additional users is the first step in increasing parking capacity and traffic impacts. It will be a consideration in the development of the 132nd Square Park Master Plan.

Can we maintain passive space?

Yes. Open space for drop-in activities, walking, and enjoying nature will be a consideration in the development of the 132nd Square Park Master Plan.

How does the City plan to manage trees/vegetation?

Parks Maintenance and Operations and the Public Works divisions currently work together to maintain our beautiful parks. These teams will manage trees and vegetation in this park as well. A more comprehensive management plan will be considered in the master plan.


132nd Square Park, 13159 132nd Ave NE, Kirkland, WA 98034,    View Map

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