Juanita Drive Corridor Improvements

  • Project typeAutomotive and pedestrian
  • Project value$7.68 million
  • Project schedule2023
  • Contractor nameNot available


 The City of Kirkland continues its effort to improve Juanita Drive with a second phase of improvements dedicated to increasing safety and access for the residents who live along it and the commuters who travel through it.

The $7.68 million project will optimize traffic flow at three intersections, improve the sections of the street's channelization and establish a walking path between Northeast 122nd and 124th streets. 

Specifically, the project will improve Juanita Drive's intersections with Northeast 112th, 124th and 132nd streets. It will widen and optimize channelization between Northeast 124th and 132nd streets, as well as Northeast 120th and 122nd streets. The project will establish a walkway between Northeast 122nd and 124th streets. 

These improvements are the second phase of Juanita Drive improvements Kirkland has funded since the City Council adopted the Juanita Drive Corridor Study in 2013. 




Juanita Drive, Juanita Drive Northeast and Northeast 124th Street,  98034  View Map

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