Stores to Shores Greenway

  • Project typeNeighborhood Greenways
  • Project value$1,263,000
  • Project scheduleJune 2023 - Dec. 31, 2023 (design)
  • Contractor nameToole Design (design consultant)


ABOUT THE ROUTE: The Stores to Shores Greenway will create a corridor between Heritage Park and Totem Lake, along which walking and bicycling are the prioritized modes of travel and motorized transportation, such as driving a car, is the alternative form of transportation.

To achieve this, the greenway project will implement a series of strategic improvements to the route’s existing streets, intersections, trails and pedestrian bridges that will make the greenway accessible to travelers of all modes, ages and abilities.

The design team expects to begin construction in spring 2024 and to complete the project in summer 2024. 

WHAT TO EXPECT: Community members’ feedback is one of the criteria the greenway design team will use to make design decisions. Other criteria include greenway design standards, City of Kirkland traffic safety standards and financial feasibility.