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Intelligent Transportation System


Intelligent Transportation Systems empower cities, counties and other jurisdictions to maximize traffic flow by creating a network of traffic signals that work together to respond to changing traffic dynamics. With Intelligent Transportation Systems technology, transportation engineers can monitor traffic and, in real-time, adjust traffic signal timing, if necessary. Commuters can also monitor traffic in real-time to help them decide what route to take.   


Phase II Totem Lake Growth Center Project Area DRAFT
(PDF 676 KB)

Laura Drake, P.E.
Project Engineer

Christian Knight
Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator
(425) 587-3831

Update (May 11, 2017) -- Kirkland's Intelligent Systems Technology contractor is installing fiber optic cable in the conduit it had installed earlier this spring at two dozen intersections in Totem Lake. Totem Electric will be installing CCTV cameras--so transportation engineers can monitor traffic in real-time--later this spring. And this week, Totem Electric will be installing the intersections' signal cabinets.
All of this is part of Kirkland's upgrade of 25 traffic signals throughout Totem Lake and along 100th Avenue Northeast to Intelligent Transportation Systems technology.

Totem Electric will complete the technology upgrades by late spring 2017.

When complete, these 25 traffic signals will function as an inter-connected system, which Kirkland’s transportation engineers can adjust remotely in real-time from the City Hall-based Traffic Management Center.

And since the system uses cameras to detect traffic, the new system will allow commuters to monitor current traffic conditions in real-time, as well. The City of Kirkland upgraded in 2015 traffic signals at intersections along Lake Washington Boulevard, Lake Street, Market Street, 98th Avenue Northeast, and Northeast 85th Street.

Project Overview:
Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) involves the systematic implementation of advanced technology to improve traffic flow.  It has several components including advanced traffic signal controllers (the brain of the traffic signal), traffic surveillance cameras, video detection,  Accessible Pedestrian Signals, Changeable Lane Assignment, and real-time traveler's information for the City's web site.  In addition, the City will participate in the Washington State Department of Transportation "Traffic Busters" (a cooperative approach where agencies share camera access).  A Traffic Management Center (TMC) is used to remotely manage all of the field devices with central traffic systems, allowing monitoring and adjustments to signal timing in a real-time environment.

This project will be completed in two phases: 

Phase I:
Install traffic signal upgrades on designated ITS corridors including traffic surveillance cameras.  Set up the TMC and connect fiber optic communication to link corridors to TMC.

  • Central Way from 6th Street to Lake Street
  • Lake Washington Blvd from NE 38th Street to Central Way
  • Market Street/100th Avenue NE from Central Way to NE 132nd Street
Between Phase I and Phase II, the Citywide Safety & Traffic Flow Improvement project will provide enhanced signal interconnection and communication to the City's new TMC.

Phase II:
Install ITS upgrades at 26 intersections formerly on King County's network (13 of which are located in the newly annexed area) to integrate them into Kirkland's Phase I ITS.  Includes system engineering analysis, design, plans and specifications for the procurement and construction/installation of ITS devices such as controllers, cabinets, vehicle detection, traffic surveillance cameras and other related devices, as well as the fiber optic communication system that will allow devices to communicate to Kirkland's recently constructed TMC presently under design.
NE 132nd Street
120th Avenue/124th Avenue NE in Totem Lake
100th Avenue NE/Juanita Woodinville Way

Project Timeline:
Phase I
Traffic Management Center 2013 
Procurement/Testing 2013
Installation     2013-2015
Phase 2
Procurement/testing: 2015 - 2016
Installation 2016

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