Construction Projects


Kirkland's Capital Improvement Program continues to lay the groundwork for a safe, healthy and vibrant community. The projects this program is currently managing to keep our community safe, healthy and vibrant are listed below. You can see these projects and others in Kirkland's 2021 - 2026 Capital Improvement Program or view them on the Capital Projects Interactive Map

Streets Levy

Streets Levy WebpageLEVY-streets-2019.jpg

2019 Streets Levy Accountability Report(PDF, 2MB) explains taxpayers' return on their investment to-date.

Totem Lake Magazine

Progress in Totem Lake(PDF, 5MB) TOTEM-LAKE-magazine-2020-cover.jpg

This magazine includes feature stories about Totem Lake Park, the Totem Lake Connector and progress reports on 23 capital and private development projects that, together, are implementing the vision of Totem Lake as a walkable, vibrant and green urban village.

Project Digest

DIGEST-winter-2020_1.jpg Project Digest(PDF, 5MB)

This document includes more than 20 descriptions of capital projects that are currently in the design or construction phase.