Tourism Development Committee Meeting Materials

2022 Tourism Development Committee Meetings

January 6, 2022

Minutes(PDF, 158KB)

February 3, 2022

Minutes(PDF, 158KB)

March 3, 2022

Minutes(PDF, 176KB)

April 7, 2022

Minutes(PDF, 164KB)

May 5, 2022

Minutes(PDF, 152KB)

2021 Tourism Development Committee Meetings

December 6, 2021 (Special Meeting)

Agenda(PDF, 208KB)
Green Rubino Presentation(PDF, 763KB) 

November 4, 2021

Agenda(PDF, 213KB)
(PDF, 158KB)Meeting Minutes(PDF, 158KB)
Tourism PR and Marketing Presentation(PDF, 257KB)
2022 Tourism Funding Recommendation to Council(PDF, 193KB)
2022 Tourism Funding Recommendation Fiscal Note(PDF, 67KB)
2022 Tourism Funding Recommendation Supporting Document(PDF, 180KB)

October 7, 2021

Agenda(PDF, 239KB)
Meeting Minutes(PDF, 161KB)
Green Rubino 2021 - 2022 Contract(PDF, 604KB)
VisitApps Digital Passports Advertorial(PDF, 7MB)
VisitApps Digital Passports Use Case(PDF, 5MB) 

September 2, 2021

Agenda(PDF, 251KB)
Meeting Minutes(PDF, 180KB)

August 20, 2021

Agenda(PDF, 159KB)
Meeting Minutes(PDF, 160KB)
2022 Tourism Grant Applications(PDF, 1MB)

August 5, 2021

Agenda(PDF, 214KB)
Meeting Minutes(PDF, 161KB)
Lodging Tax Revenues(PDF, 140KB)
Tourism Contracts 2021 - Status(PDF, 93KB)

July 16, 2021 *special meeting

Agenda(PDF, 215KB)
Meeting Minutes(PDF, 159KB)
2022 Tourism Grant News Release
Kirkland Community Currency Lean Business Plan(PDF, 234KB)
Bullseye Creative(PDF, 2MB)

July 1, 2021 *meeting cancelled due to lack of quorum

Agenda(PDF, 213KB)
Meeting Record (No Quorum)(PDF, 122KB)

June 3, 2021

Agenda(PDF, 231KB)
Meeting Minutes(PDF, 155KB) (PDF, 231KB)
Geek Out Gold Program Overview(PDF, 2MB)
Lodging Tax Cash Flow Analysis(PDF, 100KB)

May 6, 2021

Agenda(PDF, 215KB)
Meeting Minutes(PDF, 207KB)
Tourism Funding Grant Application Orca Running Revised for 2021(PDF, 337KB)
Tourism Funding Grant Application Orca Running (Original)(PDF, 390KB)
Tourism Funding Grant Application 7 Hills of Kirkland (Original)(PDF, 216KB)
Tourism Funding Grant Application 7 Hills of Kirkland Revised for 2021(PDF, 432KB)
Fiscal Note for KDA Exterior Signage(PDF, 52KB)
Geek Old Gold Presentation(PDF, 2MB) 

April 14, 2021 *Special Meeting

Agenda(PDF, 238KB)
Meeting Minutes(PDF, 146KB)

April 1, 2021

Agenda(PDF, 212KB)
Meeting Minutes(PDF, 167KB)
2021 Agenda Planning for April(PDF, 163KB)
KDA Presentation(PDF, 456KB)
KDA Estimate 1(PDF, 73KB)
KDA Estimate 2(PDF, 31KB)
Kirkland Uncorked and KPC Hybrid Event Proposal(PDF, 317KB)
Lodging Tax Reserves fund balance(PDF, 123KB)
Tourism Funding Criteria 2020(PDF, 133KB)

March 4, 2021

Agenda(PDF, 251KB)
Meeting Minutes(PDF, 167KB)
2021 Agenda Planning(PDF, 164KB)  
Green Rubino 2021 PR Plan(PDF, 6MB)
KDA Contract 2019(PDF, 115KB)
KDA Contract 2019 Supplementary Information(PDF, 315KB)

February 4, 2021

Meeting Agenda(PDF, 242KB)
Meeting Minutes(PDF, 160KB)

January 7, 2021

Meeting Agenda(PDF, 215KB)
TDC 2021 Agenda Planning Timeline (DRAFT)(PDF, 161KB)
Green Rubino Scope of Work(PDF, 436KB)
Meeting Minutes(PDF, 194KB)