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Elementary School Walk Route Enhancements



Click on the map above to see six other sidewalk sections Kirkland is planning to build in 2018 and 2019.

Update (April 9, 2018) -- Kirkland is building sidewalk along 108th Avenue Northeast, between Northeast 112th and 116th streets, as well as sidewalk along 94th Avenue Northeast, between Northeast 124th and 128th streets. Construction begins summer 2019. The sidewalks to Alexander Graham Bell and Juanita represent two of the 38 critical school routes a joint panel of leaders from the City of Kirkland and the Lake Washington School District identified in 2001.

- State of Washington Safe Routes to Schools Programexternal link icon

Christian Knight
Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator
(425) 587-3831
Marius Eugenio, Jr
Project Engineer
(425) 587-3872

WHAT: The City of Kirkland is designing and constructing in 2018 and 2019 seven sections of sidewalk on School Walk Routes throughout the City.

WHY: Because of the many benefits of walking, encouraging children to walk to school is a long-standing priority of the Kirkland City Council and fundamental to that vision--articulated in the Transportation Master Plan and the Capital Improvement Program. Walking to school is linked to improved health, reduction in chronic diseases readiness to learn and academic achievement and a reduction in behavior problems in children. Walking to school also reduces traffic congestion around schools.

Those school walk routes include:
  • MARK TWAIN: Northeast 104th Street (south side), from 132nd to 126th avenues northeast
  • MARK TWAIN: 126th Avenue Northeast (west side), from Northeast 85th to Northeast 90th streets
  • MARK TWAIN: 126th Avenue Northeast (west side), from Northeast 90th Street to Northeast 94th Way
  • ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL: 108th Avenue Northeast (east side), from Northeast 112th to 116th streets
  • JUANITA: 94th Avenue Northeast (east side), from Northeast 124th to 128th streets
  • PETER KIRK: Northeast 95th Street (south side), from 116th to 112th avenues northeast
  • PETER KIRK: 111th Avenue Northeast (east side), from Northeast 100th to 104th streets

  • MARK TWAIN: 126th Avenue Northeast, from Northeast 85th Street to Northeast 90th Street
  • PETER KIRK: 100th Street, from 112th Avenue Northeast to 116th Avenue Northeast
  • A.G. BELL: 112th Avenue Northeast, from 120th Avenue to the Cross Kirkland Corridor
  • LAKEVIEW: West side of 104th Avenue NE and North side of NE 67th Street
  • JUANITA: West side of 97th Place NE from NE 128th Street to NE 129th Place near Juanita Elementary.
  • A.G. BELL:  East side of 110th Avenue NE from NE 116th Street leading into the back entrance of AG Bell Elementary.
  • PETER KIRK: West side of 6th Street from 13th Avenue and 15th Avenue near Peter Kirk Elementary.
  • PETER KIRK: North side of 12th Avenue NE from 6th Street and back entrance to School.
  • PETER KIRK: East side of 116th Avenue NE from NE 87th Street to NE 100th Street.
  • MARK TWAIN: West side of 130th Ave NE adjacent to Mark Twain Elementary.
  • ROSE HILL: South side of NE 80th Street from 130th Avenue NE to 128th Avenue NE near Rose Hill Elementary.
  • LAKEVIEW: East side of 103rd Avenue NE, eliminate gaps between NE 64th Street and NE 67th Street near Lakeview Elementary.
  • BEN FRANKLIN: North side of NE 60th Street from 116th Avenue NE to 132nd Avenue NE.
  • BEN FRANKLIN: East side of 125th Avenue NE just south of NE 70th and north of NE 65th Lane to north of NE 65th Place near Ben Franklin Elementary. New crosswalks will be installed along 122nd Avenue NE at NE 62nd Street and NE 61st Street.
  • Thanks to the 2012 Street Levy,the City will have an additional $150,000 per year to help leverageState and Federal funding to increase safe routes to Kirkland elementaryand middle schools. To suggest a sidewalk or walkway improvement go to: Suggest a Project


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