All Forms, Publications, and Fees

The 2021 Construction and Fire Codes adoption has been extended and will go into effect on March 15, 2024. All permit applications submitted after March 14, 2024 must comply with the 2021 codes; complete applications received on or before March 14 will be vested to the 2018 codes.


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While we are in transition to our new mobile-friendly, online forms you may notice different viewing options. When you click on the link, some forms will open to a new window while others will download a PDF of the form, checklist, or handout.


Name Type Dept.
Administrative Design Review Supplemental Checklist - Web form
(Accompanies Building Permit for commercial and multifamily projects)
WEB Planning
Administrative Design Review Supplemental Checklist- Static PDF form
(Accompanies Building Permit for commercial and multifamily projects)
PDF Planning
Alteration and Vacation of Short Plats Application(PDF, 68KB) PDF Planning
Alternate Materials, Methods or Modifications Request Form
Modifications to code requirements are allowed only when there are significant difficulties encountered making it impractical to carry out the specific provisions of the applicable code.
WEB Building
 Arborist Report Waiver - Landmark Tree Allowance WEB Planning
 Bald Eagle Management Area PDF  Planning 
Building Height Table and Field Verification Form(PDF, 761KB) PDF Planning
Change of Address Request Form
To be used when you want to change your existing address.
WEB Building
Concurrency Management Review Application(PDF, 120KB) PDF Public Works
Construction / Grading Hours Exception Request Form PDF Planning

Construction Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (CSWPPP)

Construction Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (CSWPPP)(PDF, 369KB)



Public Works

Continued Use PDF Planning
Design Review Board Application and Checklist PDF Planning
Exception From Normal Construction/Grading Hours PDF Planning
Fence Requirements PDF   Planning
Forest Stewardship Plan Permit Instruction Guide WEB Planning 
Green Building Priority Review Contract WEB Planning
Green Factor Scoresheet(XLSX, 31KB) Excel  Dev Svc
Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Project Review Transmittal Form WEB  Planning
High Retention Value Tree Checklist WEB Planning
High Retention Value Tree Checklist Waiver WEB Planning
Historic Residence Nomination Application Instructions PDF Planning 
Historic Residence Alteration Application(PDF, 35KB) PDF Planning
Historic Residence Nomination Application(PDF, 160KB) PDF Planning
PW Improvement Evaluation Packet WEB Public Works
Integrated Development Plan (IDP): Options for Short Plat and Subdivision Review Processes PDF  Planning 
Landmark Tree Removal Instruction Guide  PDF Planning
Multi-Stem Tree Calculator(PDF, 96KB) PDF Planning
Parking Review Application WEB Planning
Permit Address Change  WEB Building
Permit Cancellation Request
To be used when requesting cancellation of a permit.
WEB Building
Plant List, Groundcover(PDF, 482KB) PDF Planning
Plant List, Shrubs(PDF, 530KB) PDF Planning
Plant List, Trees(PDF, 399KB) PDF Planning
Political Sign Guidelines PDF  Planning
Pre-Submittal Conference - Tree Retention Plan Checklist(PDF, 251KB) PDF  Planning
Private Tree Removal Notification Instruction Guide WEB Planning
Private Tree Removal Permit Instruction Guide  WEB Planning
Prohibited Plant List PDF Planning
Property Owner Exemption Affidavit
To be used when the property owner or owner's agent is performing all the work included in the scope of the building or electrical permit.
WEB Building
Public Notice Sign Guidelines PDF  Planning 
Public Records Request WEB Finance
Public Tree Pruning and Removal Permit Instruction Guide WEB  Planning
Record Drawing Project Data Sheet(PDF, 705KB)  PDF Public Works
Refund Request
To be used for a monetary refund only, without cancellation of a permit (for example, overpayment of fees).


 Residential Energy Code -Additions and Remodels Work Sheet(PDF, 486KB) PDF Building
Revisions and Additional Information Submittal
Accompanies revised plans, responses to comment letters, and uploads of additional information to a permit during review of after issuance.
WEB Building
Rodent Abatement Declaration and Ordinance
Accompanies demolition permit or land surface modification permit applications.
WEB Building
SEPA - Environmental Checklist (Web form) WEB Planning
 SEPA - Environmental Checklist (Static  PDF) PDF Version Planning

Simplified Drainage Plan Form

Simplified Drainage Plan Template(PDF, 432KB)



Public Works
Single Family Plumbing Worksheet(PDF, 720KB) PDF Building
Single Family Site Plan Requirements PDF  Building 
Statement of Special Inspections
When a project has items that require special inspections, this form provided by shall be completed and submitted with your permit application documents.
PDF Building
Street Vacation Application and Checklist(PDF, 184KB) PDF Planning
Substantial Dev Permit Application(PDF, 87KB)
(Also for Shoreline Variance and Conditional Use Permit) 
PDF Planning
Supplemental Building Information(PDF, 679KB)
(Accompanies Building Permit Application)
PDF Building
Temporary Use Permit Application(PDF, 42KB) PDF Planning
Tree Removal in Critical Areas or Buffers WEB Planning
Tree Retention Plans for Development Checklist(PDF, 257KB) PDF Planning
PW Water Meter Pull/Disconnect Request(PDF, 170KB) PDF Public Works
Wireless Eligible Facility Modification Request - Application Checklist WEB Planning
Wireless Eligible Facility Modification Request - Substantial Change Criteria Questionnaire WEB Planning
Wireless Service Facility - Application Checklist (non-EFM) WEB Planning
Wireless Service Facility - Questionnaire (non-EFM) WEB  Planning




Name Type Dept.
 Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Application Checklist PDF Planning
Adult Family Home Checklist
Provided by the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services
HTM Building
Affidavit of Service CARs(PDF, 79KB) PDF Planning
 Animals in Residential Zones HTM Planning
Alteration and Vacation of Plats Application Checklist  PDF  Planning 
Binding Site Plan Recording Directions(PDF, 19KB) PDF Planning
Building Permit Checklist (General)(PDF, 150KB) PDF Building
Building Permit Checklist (Re-Roof Only)(PDF, 89KB) PDF Building
Building Permit Checklist (Single Family or Duplex)(PDF, 114KB) PDF Building
Building Permit Checklist (Tenant Improvement - Interior Only)(PDF, 101KB) PDF Building
Business Location FAQ(PDF, 132KB) PDF Development Services
Calculating Average Building Elevation(PDF, 164KB) PDF Planning
Caring For Your Septic System (link to King County) HTM Public Works
Carport Additions HTM Building
Certified Backflow Assembly Testing Program HTM Public Works
 Chicken Regulations Summary WEB Planning
City Licenses, Additional HTM Finance
Concurrency Management Application(PDF, 120KB) PDF Public Works
Construction Tip Sheets
Construction Tip Sheets provided by are based mostly on the code requirements found in the International Residential Code for single family construction, but others can also be found. They intent to address some of the most common plan review items that are looked for during the building permit plan review process.
HTM Building
Deck Installation or Repair
PDF Building
Deferred Submittals (Guideline) HTM
Demolition Permit Checklist(PDF, 165KB) PDF Building
Design Board Review Application Checklist PDF Planning
Earthquake Home Retrofit Assessment Checklist HTM Building
Earthquake Home Retrofit Program Information PDF Building
Earthquake Home Retrofit Standard Plans PDF Building
eCheck Financial Transaction Guidelines PDF Building
Electrical Permit Checklist(PDF, 109KB) PDF Building
Electrical Permit Checklist for Residential Solar Photovoltaic Systems(PDF, 762KB) PDF Building
Environmental Review (SEPA) Checklist PDF Planning
Express Review Qualifications HTM Building
Fabricator Approval Policy (Guideline) HTM
FAQs for Building Permits (Building Permits) HTM Building
Fast Track Review Qualifications HTM Building
Fencing Detail, Tree Protection PDF Planning
Garage Conversions HTM Building
Guide to Complete Arborist Reports PDF Planning
Inspection Checklists
Inspection Checklists provided by are mainly based on the code requirements found in the International Residential Code for single family construction, but others can also be found. They include some of the most common items that are inspected during the building permit inspection process.
HTM Building
Historic Residence Alteration Application Instructions PDF Planning
Home Occupation and Home Business Rules(PDF, 240KB) PDF Planning
Kirkland Comprehensive Plan HTM City of Kirkland
Kirkland Municipal Code HTM City of Kirkland
Kirkland Zoning Code HTM Planning
Kirkland Zoning Map(PDF, 4MB) PDF Planning
Land Surface Modification Permit Checklist PDF Building
Landscaping, Native Groundcover List(PDF, 482KB) PDF Planning
Landscaping, Native Shrub List(PDF, 530KB) PDF Planning
Landscaping, Native Tree List(PDF, 399KB) PDF Planning
 Lot Line Alteration Checklist and Lot Line Alteration Form(PDF, 136KB)   (8.5" x 11")  PDF Planning
Mechanical Permit Checklist(PDF, 86KB) PDF Building
Managing Drainage Problems Around Your Property HTM Public Works
Move Permit Checklist(PDF, 137KB) PDF Building
Neighborhood Meetings Encouraged WEB Planning
Over-The-Counter Permit Qualifications HTM Building
Permit Requirements, Holmes Point Overlay PDF  Planning
Plan Review Issues
Most common items that get written up by plan reviewers, but could've been taken care of before submitting your permit application.
HTM Development Services
Plan Review Times
Based on the type of permit submitted, plan review times may vary.
PDF Building
Plumbing Permit Checklist(PDF, 85KB) PDF Building
Political Sign Guidelines PDF Planning
Pre-Approved Plans (PW) HTM Public Works
Pre-submittal Meeting Information WEB Planning
Private Stormwater Maintenance Program HTM Public Works
Public Hearing Participation for Planning Permits PDF Planning
Public Notice Sign Standards for Planning Permits PDF Planning
Public Notice Sign Information HTM Planning
Public Tree Removal Permit Checklist HTM Planning
Rose Hill Business District Lighting HTM Planning
Sample Construction Details(PDF, 308KB) PDF Building
Sample Construction Plan Set(PDF, 1MB) PDF Building
Sample Cross Section Drawing(PDF, 473KB) PDF Building
Sample Elevation Drawing(PDF, 141KB) PDF Building
Sample Erosion & Sedimentation Control (ESC) Plan(PDF, 92KB) PDF Public Works
Sample Site Plan(PDF, 426KB) PDF Building
 Short Plat Recording Checklist  PDF Planning
Short Plat/Preliminary Plat Application Checklist PDF Planning
Sign Permit Checklist(PDF, 88KB) PDF Building
Site Plan Requirements(PDF, 278KB) PDF Building
Smoke Control Submittal Requirements, Conceptual(PDF, 267KB) PDF Fire
Smoke Control Submittal Requirements, Detailed(PDF, 195KB) PDF Fire
Survey Policy
Find out when you need to provide a topographic or boundary survey.
PDF Planning
Temporary Use Permit Application Checklist PDF Planning
Transportation Impact Analysis Guidelines(PDF, 364KB) HTM Public Works
Tree Protection Fencing Detail HTM Planning
Tree Protection Fencing Sign(PDF, 473KB) PDF Planning

Tree - Public Tree Removal Permit Checklist
For removal of trees on public property

 PDF  Planning
Water Heater Replacement
HTM Building
When are permits required? HTM Building


Name Description Dept.
Building Services Fee Schedules Includes fees for permits issued by Building Services: building, demolition, sign, clearing and grading (LSM), electrical, plumbing, mechanical, along with pre-submittal conference, miscellaneous inspection and other fees. Building
Fire Permit Fees(PDF, 382KB) Includes fire review fees associated with building plan review, alarms, fire sprinklers, tent, bon fires, hazardous materials, CO2, and other miscellaneous fire code operational permits.  Fire 

Planning Land Use/Zoning Application Fees

Fees for various land use approvals issued by the Planning Department.


Impact Fees(PDF, 170KB) Transportation, Park, School, and NEW Fire Impact fees Public Works
Public Works Fee Schedule(PDF, 102KB) Fee schedules for Public Works permits and services Public Works
Valuation of Alterations to Existing Buildings This document helps determine the valuation of alterations and repairs to existing buildings Building
Valuation of New Construction(PDF, 337KB) This document helps determine the valuation of new construction Building