Development Services Virtual Appointments


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Schedule Appointment Now (Development Services)  
3 PM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday

To help answer your general development and permitting questions, the City of Kirkland Development Services provides virtual appointments with Planning and Building, and Public Works staff. You will be able to receive answers to basic questions regarding Kirkland zoning, building, and development requirements. 
Coming Soon! Schedule Appointment Now (electrical/building inspector)
10 AM - 12 PM on Monday, Wednesday, Friday
12 PM - 2 PM on Tuesday, Thursday 

To help answer your general inspection questions, schedule a virtual appointment with our Planning and Building electrical or building inspection staff. Public Works inspection questions are not included in this program. You will be able to receive answers to basic questions regarding IBC, IRC, IMC, IFG, UPC, NEC, WCEC, A117.1 and the Energy codes requirements. Our staff will answer your questions, but will not tell you how to perform the work. Anticipated start date for scheduling virtual appointments with our inspection staff is May 9, 2022.

The virtual appointments are for 15 minutes and are conducted using Microsoft Teams with the ability to choose from available meeting times and services. This program provides an additional opportunity to meet directly with staff virtually without the need to come into City Hall. The cut-off for requesting same day meetings is one hour prior to appointment time. If after meeting with our staff you need more information, you may need to schedule another appointment. If you have questions about a specific permit, please contact the reviewer directly. Contact information can be found by looking up your project on

Keep In Mind

  1. This meeting is intended to answer basic permitting questions.
  2. This appointment does not take the place of a pre-submittal meeting.
  3. If you are already working with staff on a specific permit or project, contact them directly to schedule an appointment with that staff member. 

Be Prepared!

  1. Meetings will be for 15 minutes. If additional time is needed, you may need to schedule another appointment.
  2. Make a list of your questions and include them in your request. We will make sure appropriate staff is available to assist.
  3. Have a notepad and pen, or electronic device handy so you can take notes during your appointment.
  4. Be sure you login in from a location with strong internet access.
  5. It is preferred that you use a webcam during your appointments, but it is not required.
  6. If you would prefer to have your meeting by phone with our Development Services staff, please note that in your online request.
  7. All virtual appointments will be conducted using Microsoft Teams. You may wish to familiarize yourself with this platform prior to your meeting.  

Your Virtual Meeting

  1. During your virtual appointment, City staff may share their computer screen to explain their response.
  2. You may also share your computer screen. You do not need to email documents to staff.
  3. You may be directed to apply for a permit through after you receive your information. 


Who do I need to speak to? 

Meet With A Planner (15 minutes)

Request to virtually meet with a Planner over Microsoft Teams to ask questions regarding topics such as tree removal/retention, zoning and associated requirements (minimum lot size, building height, setbacks, lot coverage, etc.), design review, environmental critical areas (wetlands, streams, geohazard areas), fences, and historic buildings. 

Other land use topics may include:  Subdivisions/short plats, lot line alterations, zoning permits, landscaping, parking, sidewalk cafés, oversize vehicles, pre-submittal meetings, shoreline management, sign requirements, variances, and the Comprehensive Plan.  

Meet With A Building Permit Technician (15 minutes)

Request to virtually meet with a Building Permit Technician over Microsoft Teams. Discuss permitting questions related to construction, new home or remodel, commercial building development, tenant improvements, electrical permits, grading/land surface modification permits, mechanical permits, and certificate of occupancy.


Meet With A Building Plans Examiner (15 minutes)

Request to virtually meet with a Building Plans Examiner over Microsoft Teams. Discuss topics such as permitting completeness and code compliance for single-family and two-family residences and townhouses per the International Residential Code (IRC); for commercial, multi-family and mixed-use buildings per the International Building Code (IBC) for new and per the International Existing Building Code (IEBC) for existing buildings; for commercial mechanical systems per the International Mechanical Code (IMC) and for building plumbing systems per the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) and including Washington State Energy Code compliance (residential and commercial) and Accessibility (barrier free access) requirements. 

Meet With Public Works (15 minutes)

Request to virtually meet with Public Works staff over teams. Discuss topics such as drinking water and water quality preservation, pedestrian safety, neighborhood traffic control, public area landscaping and trees, facilities maintenance, recycling, right-of-way improvements:  concrete curb & gutter, concrete sidewalk, planter strips, street widths & pavement sections, right-of-way dedications, solid waste, sewage and Storm water drain systems, septic:  Existing & new, storm drain mains in the right-of-way, on site detention systems, easements, street Lights and traffic signals, traffic signal synchronization, street preservation program, streets, sidewalks, alley, curbing, water detention/drainage, water meters, sewer, water/sewer lines (street to meter), maintenance and repair, temporary erosion & sedimentation control, trees, public trees on City property and street tree removal (from right-of-ways), and Water service.  

Coming soon! Meet With An Inspector (15 minutes)

Request to virtually meet with a building or electrical inspector over Microsoft Teams. Discuss specific code questions related to all types of installations with-in the city. Referenced codes are the IBC, IRC, IMC, IFG, UPC, NEC, WCEC, A117.1 and the Energy codes. We cannot tell you how to perform the work. 

Anticipated start date for virtual meetings with our inspection staff is May 9, 2022.