Public Notice Sign Information

Most zoning, subdivision, short subdivision, substantial development permit, and street, alley and easement vacation applications require that the applicant erect a public notice sign(s) on or near the subject property. 

The following permits do not require a sign: 

1. Administrative Design Review; or 

2. Master Sign Plans

For all zoning, subdivision, and shoreline permit applications, the sign(s) must be erected before a determination of completeness can be issued. 

Failure to have the sign(s) in place by the deadline time will result in a delay of permit processing and additional charges to re-notice the application.


Posting the Sign

Number of Signs

Obtain the appropriate number of public notice signs, designed according to the size and specifications shown on the reverse side. 


Location of Signs

Erect the sign(s) by solidly setting the posts 36 inches into the ground. The sign(s) must be placed in a location clearly visible and accessible from the adjacent right(s)-of-way. 


Contact Your Planner

On the same day that the sign(s) is erected, contact the planner assigned to your project to approve the location of the sign(s), or call 425-587-3600


Removal of Signs

The signs shall remain in place until you have received written authorization from the Planning & Building Department after the Final Decision of the application. Once you have received written authorization from the Planning and Building Department, remove the sign(s) from the site within seven (7) calendar days.




Sign Specifications

Public Notice Sign Specifications(ZIP, 3MB) (Zip file downloads)

Public Notice Sign Standards for Planning Permits (PDF)