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Trash, Recycling + Compost

Billing question?
Residents can contact Utility Billing.
Businesses can contact Waste Management.
Missed pickup? Damaged cart?
Contact Waste Management.
Not sure how to recycle something? Ask us at or (425) 587-3812. If you call, please leave a voicemail with your address and question. We will call you back.
Need recycling help at your business or apartment? We provide free help and resources.
Other issue? See our contact page.

Out of an abundance of caution, the December 5th StyroFest recycling event is cancelled to protect staff and community health and safety. Our team is currently planning recycling events for 2021 and will share more information soon. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Extra yard waste is free during November this year! More information below.

What You Can Recycle, Compost, and Throw Away

Curbside collection service includes garbage, recycling, and food + yard waste composting. (Businesses and apartments / condos can request free food scrap service.) Click the carts to learn what you can put in each.

Waste less, recycle right + protect our lake!
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Upcoming events / special dates:
Download a flyer for all Safer Fall Recycling Events (pdf, 125kb)
Dec 5 - Safer StyroFest - CANCELLED

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What do I do with...?

Extra household recycling is free.

Some common items can't be recycled in your household recycling cart but you can drop them off for recycling.

These items can't go in your recycling cart. Learn how to recycle or safely dispose them:

Looking for something else? Search King County's "What Do I Do With?" directorylinks to external site or ask us at or (425) 587-3812. During the pandemic, our team is working remotely and monitors voicemails on weekdays. If you leave a message, please be sure to include your question, your phone number, and your address if it's a service-related issue.

Seasonal Information

Extra Yard Waste is Free This November

During the month of November this year, the collection of extra yard waste will be free for single family residences in Kirkland. Fill your gray cart first, then put out extra leaves in paper bags or durable containers labeled “yard waste.” Plastic bags are not accepted. This is part of a pilot program offered during 2019 and 2020 to see whether providing free yard waste can help reduce local flooding.

Safer Recycling Events

Out of an abundance of caution, the December 5th StyroFest recycling event is cancelled to protect staff and community health and safety. Our team is currently planning recycling events for 2021 and will share more information soon. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Fall Event Schedule
safer fall recycling eventsBased on the success of our summer safer recycling event series, we have planned six more safer events for fall 2020. Please follow the same safety guidelines - wear your face covering, remain in your car unless asked to unload your materials, and do not attend if you feel unwell.

Download the FALL event flyer (pdf, 125kb) with details for all events.

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Safety Guidelines

  • Wear your face covering (all people in vehicle)
  • Remain in your vehicle until directed
  • Place items in your trunk so they will be easy to unload
  • Make sure all items are prepared for drop off before attending
  • You may be asked to unload, or staff may unload from your trunk. Please only bring items that a single person can move.
  • If you feel unwell, do not attend
  • Do not attend if, in the two weeks before the event, you have been exposed to someone who has coronavirus symptoms, or has been tested for coronavirus and tested positive or is waiting for results

Safer StyroFest Events
styrofoam recycling eventWe have restarted our StyroFest events (pdf, 300kb) for recycling StyrofoamTM and plastic bags, but have changed the locations and times. Please be sure to follow the updated schedule. Safer event guidelines apply to these Safer StyroFest events.

We need your help to make sure StyroFest works in this new format! Prepare all your materials before your come, and sort them by type. Please pack your materials in your trunk in a way that will be quick to unload. This will help us minimize everyone's time on site and limit how much staff needs to interact with attendees.

More Event Details

  • Open to Kirkland residents and businesses only - no out of town attendees
  • Please follow the safety guidelines
  • Expect a wait
  • Event times are strictly followed - please don't wait until the last minute
  • Events may be changed or cancelled with little notice - we will post event changes on this page as soon as possible, if they occur
  • Questions? Email

COVID-19 Recycling Updates

Email Us for Recycling Help
City Hall is closed to the public and our Recycling Team is working remotely. We're still answering recycling questions! For the fastest response, please email us your recycling questions. If you call, please leave a voicemail with your address and question, and we will call you back. We monitor the Recycling Hotline during business hours.

City Recycling Drop-Offs Are Closed

The City Hall Recycling Center and community center battery, CFL, cell phone, and smoke detector drop-offs are closed.

Request a Free Countertop Food Scrap Pail

Food Scrap BucketWe can mail you a Recycling Guide or drop off a countertop food scrap kit on your doorstep. Simply contact us to request a compost pail. Be sure to provide your address (including unit number if at an apartment). We will complete deliveries within a few weeks.

Curbside Bulky Waste Collection Resumed Aug. 3
Waste Management had suspended residential curbside bulky waste collection (ex. large TV’s, couches, mattresses) during the spring and early summer. As of August 3, bulky curbside collection is available again. Note that there is a charge for this service based on the items. More information is available on WM's service alert pagelinks to external site.

King County's Northeast Transfer Station Project

King County Seeks Businesses and Residents to Provide Input on the Northeast Recycling and Transfer Station Project
As you may know, our community’s needs for garbage and recycling service are no longer adequately met by the Houghton Transfer Station in Kirkland, which has served most of northeast King County since the 1960s.

King County’s Solid Waste Division plans to site, design and build a new recycling and transfer stationlinks to external site by 2027 to improve existing services and make them more convenient and accessible. In King County, recycling and garbage transfer stations are the facilities where local waste haulers, businesses and the public bring garbage, yard waste and recycling.

nerts study area map Policy Updates

Plastic Bag Reduction Policy
Kirkland's plastic bag policy took effect on March 1, 2016. Businesses may not provide disposable carryout plastic bags. Customers pay five cents for large paper bags at grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations, pharmacies, and supercenters*. 

*Starting in January 2021, new Washington State plastic bag ruleslinks to external site will replace Kirkland's. All businesses will need to charge for bags under the State policy, including those that aren't required to now. Under the State policy, businesses can provide thicker plastic bags (considered reusable) for the same charge as paper bags. Businesses should follow Kirkland's bag policy until the State policy takes effect.

Kirkland's plastic bag policy remains in effect during the pandemic. Stores that are not able to source paper bags may apply for a temporary exemption. Kirkland has granted several exemptions during the pandemic response. Contact for more information.

What We Do
The Solid Waste Division manages Kirkland's curbside waste collection service. We also host special recycling events and drop-off locations. Learn about our community recycling goals and the services we provide to help Kirkland residents and businesses recycle better and reduce their waste.

Our contracted hauler Waste Management provides curbside collection service. See what happens with your recyclinglinks to external site!

Recycling is important, but we're also promoting the first two R's - reduce and reuse - so Kirkland makes less waste. It's better for the environment to make less waste, even if it could be recycled or composted. Recycling and composting still require energy and water. Reusing something as long as possible instead of getting rid of it avoids using those resources.

Public Works
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Mon-Fri, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Operations & Maintenance
915 8th St, Kirkland WA 98033
T. 425-587-3900 24/7 | F. 425-587-3902
Mon-Fri, 6:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

General Inquiries - Contact us via the: 
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