Food Scrap Collection Service for Businesses

Food scrap collection service is available to eligible Kirkland businesses at no additional cost.

How the Program Works

  • compost carts with large compost poster at commercial property Service is provided at no additional cost.
  • Businesses can compost food scraps in these carts.
  • We typically start with one 35-gallon or 64-gallon cart collected weekly. Service can be adjusted to fit needs. We only offer carts for this program, no dumpsters.
  • To keep the cart clean, it is lined with a compostable liner each week after it's collected.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Adequate recycling capacity
  • No recurring recycling issues
  • Willing to train staff (with guidance and materials from City staff)
  • Committed to addressing contamination issues
  • Will produce food scraps regularly and above a minimum threshold
  • Provide staff contact information to resolve contamination issues

What's Accepted

All food is accepted, including bones, meat, and shells. Food-soiled paper such as dirty paper napkins or greasy pizza boxes is also accepted. Approved compostable packaging (such as compostable straws and cups) is accepted in commercial carts in addition to food scraps.

Many businesses choose to only compost food scraps produced in back of house to minimize staff training and prevent contamination.

The service is not intended for more than an incidental amount of yard trimmings. Businesses can subscribe to yard waste service for a monthly charge through Waste Management.

How to Start Composting at Your Business

Email our Recycling Hotline with your contact information and the name and address of your business. We will connect with you to determine whether your business is eligible, and what resources your business may need to ensure the program's success.

Request food scrap collection service