Business Waste Collection Services

Garbage service is provided by Waste Management. Waste collection service is mandatory, and includes recycling. Free assistance is available for businesses to improve recycling and right-size your containers.

Garbage & Recycling Collection Service


garbage and recycling dumpsters at commercial mixed use property with food waste cartCommercial waste collection rates are based on garbage container size and frequency of collection.

See a one-page summary(PDF, 1MB) of rates and dumpster sizes available.

In advance of updated services beginning in July 2022, rates are increasing.

Commercial utility rates

Recycling and food scrap service included

compost carts with large compost poster at commercial property Garbage service includes recycling service at no additional cost for up to 150% of your garbage volume. Starting in July 2022, businesses will be able to have unlimited recycling included with garbage service.

Your business is required to have recycling service, but is not required to use WM for recycling service.

Food scrap collection service is available at no additional cost to qualifying businesses. Paid yard waste service is available.

What We Accept

Click the color-coded carts to learn about the available waste collection services and what we accept in each container. Download our commercial recycling guide.

(blue dumpster or cart)
Food Scraps
(gray cart)
(green dumpster or cart)

Posters of Accepted Materials

We can provide laminated copies of these posters. If you have specific products at your business, we can work with you to create customized posters. Contact us at or 425-587-3812 to request posters.

Poster: Recycling(PDF, 571KB)   
Poster: Garbage(PDF, 876KB)  

Poster: Food Scraps(PDF, 679KB)

Other Recycling

See our drop-off recycling guide for items that aren't accepted in your recycling dumpster or cart, such as fluorescent lights, electronics, and paint.

Find other options on King County's waste directory.

Hazardous Waste

Small quantity generators - businesses that produce only a small amount of hazardous waste - may use King County's Household Hazardous Waste facilities.

Service Information

How do I start or change my service?

Contact WM for customer service at 425-587-0040 or 1-800-592-9995 or

What happens if service is delayed due to inclement weather?

You can get the latest updates about service adjustments due to inclement weather on WM's Weatherboard, or by calling 425-587-0040 or 1-800-592-9995.

In the event of a delay, service is provided as soon as WM can safely access your business. Typically, service days are simply pushed forward for businesses.

On what holidays is collection service not provided?

Waste Management provides service on all holidays except Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day. For customers whose service falls on or after those holidays during the week, service is delayed by one day that week.

Is recycling mandatory?

Yes, businesses are required to recycle, under Ordinance O-469, passed in 2019.

Recycling Requirements

  • Businesses must have as much capacity for recycling as they do for garbage (the City can provide assistance in meeting this standard)
  • Businesses must recycle, at a minimum: newspapers, mixed papers, and recyclable bottles, cans and plastic containers
  • Whenever possible, trash and recycling dumpsters or carts should be located next to each other



State waste prevention policies for businesses

Washington single use serviceware law goes into effect on January 1 2022.Single-use utensils by request

As of January 1, 2022, food service businesses may no longer provide single-use utensils and straws automatically; instead, businesses should provide self-service stations or ask customers whether they would like them. Packaged utensil sets may no longer be provided; customers must be able to select the individual item that they need.

These single-use items include:

  • Utensils
  • Straws and stirrers
  • Cold beverage cup lids (except at drive-throughs and very large venues like arenas)
  • Sauce or condiment packets

Get more information about the new law at

Does your business need help adapting to the new policy? Are you interested in switching to reusable options for dine-in customers? We can provide assistance — contact our Recycling Hotline at or (425) 587-3812.

Statewide plastic bag ban

Washington State plastic bag policy requirements

Washington State's plastic bag ban took effect Oct. 1, 2021. It supersedes Kirkland's policy, and businesses should now follow the State guidelines. Under the state's policy, retail, grocery and restaurant businesses must charge at least 8 cents for each large paper or thick plastic bag.

The City encourages businesses to continue providing paper bags as their reusable option, rather than plastic bags. Thicker plastic bags use more plastic than lightweight plastic bags, but are likely not be reused enough times to justify their larger environmental impact.

Upcoming statewide waste policies

Upcoming expanded polystyrene foam / EPS (StyrofoamTM) restrictions may affect your business:

  • In June 2023, packing peanuts and other void-filling EPS packaging will be banned.
  • In June 2024, portable foam coolers will be banned.
  • In June 2024, foam food service products like containers, plates, bowls, clam shells, trays, and cups will be banned.

Free assistance and resources for businesses

Email to request assistance or free resources. You can also call 425-587-3812 — please leave a voicemail with your business name and address, contact name and phone number, and what assistance you are looking for.

woman holds free recycling bin next to counter at kirkland businessRight-size your service and get personalized advice

During the pandemic, we are not offering indoor site visits but we are still here to help! Our staff can recommend personalized changes for your business to make to recycle better. We can also help adjust your service levels if needed.

Get free resources

We can provide free resources like posters and deskside recycling bins.

multifamily compost cart with compostable liner inside enclosure Start free food scrap collection

Food scrap collection service is available at no additional cost to eligible businesses! Join more than a hundred other Kirkland businesses and start composting your food scraps.

Food scrap collection program