Apartment and Condo Food Scrap Cart Request

 Our program provides no-cost food scrap collection service to qualifying apartments, condos, and townhouses in Kirkland.

Program Details

  • multifamily compost cart with compostable liner inside enclosureService is provided at no additional cost.
  • Residents can compost food scraps in these carts. The service is not intended for more than an incidental amount of yard trimmings -- paid yard waste service is available.
  • We typically start with one 35-gallon or 64-gallon cart collected weekly. Service can be adjusted to fit needs. We only offer carts for this program, no dumpsters.
  • To keep the cart clean, it is lined with a compostable liner each week after it's collected.
  • We can provide signage and resources to residents.


We ask that properties meet these qualifications to join our food scrap composting program:

  • At least 10% of units (minimum 5 units) are committed to composting their food scraps
  • Enough recycling capacity (the standard is to have the same amount of cart space for recycling as garbage)
  • Property manager or HOA approval
  • Two residents or property management staff willing to act as "champions"
  • Walkthrough with City recycling staff

Why we have these qualifications

We would like properties to work on recycling first. Composting is more challenging, so it makes sense to make sure properties are doing well at the basics first.

While the program is offered at no cost to participants, it is paid for out of our program budget. We want to make sure the carts will get used and collect a worthwhile amount of material.

Why we require this approval process

Contamination, or incorrect materials, pose a major challenge to composting. With this process, we can proactively provide educational materials to residents when we launch the composting program at the property, so everyone learns what they can compost. This process also connects our team with a contact person at the property who we can work with if contamination becomes an issue.

Apply to Request Food Scrap Service

Property managers and residents are welcome to use this request form. You can submit your request before you have completed all the steps, and we will help you with any other steps needed to qualify.

Click here to view form.