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Trash, Recycling & Compost

Cut waste, recycle right & protect streams!

Contact us with recycling questions:
Contact our Recycling Hotline at (425) 587-3812 or

Recycle + reuse at our special events:
Aug 12 - StyroFest
Sept 9 - StyroFest
Sept 25-29 - Donate costumes
Sept 30 - Costume Swap
Oct 7 - Recycling Collection Event
Oct 21 - Repair Cafe at LWTech

Visit our booth at a Kirkland event:
Aug 22 - Kid's Concert Series
Sept 8 - Juanita Farmer's Market

Recycle right with our Recycling Guides:
Single Family Residents (pdf, 2mb)
Apartment & Condo Residents (pdf, 2mb)

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What do I do with...?
Recycling and disposal options in Kirkland for these common items:
batteries Batteries
  electronics Electronics (TVs, computers, cell phones, etc)
smoke detector icon Smoke Detectors
  cfl CFL Bulbs /
Fluorescent Tubes
medicine Medicine
  latex paint
cooking oil Cooking Oil
  clothing Clothing
styrofoam Styrofoam
  plastic bag Plastic Bags

Special Recycling Program News  
recycling center downstairs lobbyCity Hall Recycling Center Now in Downstairs Lobby
Our Recycling Center at Kirkland City Hall has moved to our downstairs lobby. Continue to bring in your household batteries, rechargeable batteries, cell phones, smoke detectors, and CFL bulbs (no tubes) for recycling.

ripped jeans for recyclingDonate ALL Clothes, Even Torn and Stained, for Recycling
Up to 95 percent of the clothes, shoes, and linens thrown in the garbage could have been reused or recycled! Local organizations throughout King County now accept stained, holey or damaged items. Clothes and linens that aren’t reusable can be recycled into industrial wiping cloths, carpet padding, insulation and more. Find out where to give ripped, stained and damaged clothes.

Opt Out of Your Phone Book to Stop Waste
phone booksCan't remember the last time you used your phone book? Opt out of phone book delivery to save waste. Each year the phone book industry uses up an estimated 4.68 million trees worth of wood fiber, or 14 football fields’ worth of forest per day. The process of printing and delivering that unwanted phone book to your doorstep produces greenhouse gases equal to burning 8.8 pounds of coal. By opting out of receiving a phone book, you can quickly reduce your environmental footprint and send an important message to publishers about wasteful distribution. Join the national #GetOffMyDoorstep campaign and opt out today!
  1. Visit
  2. Enter your zip code and create an account
  3. After completing registration, click "opt out of or order directories"
  4. Choose "opt out of all" option, then "save changes" and hit CONFIRM
Plastic Bag Policy Effective as of March 1, 2016
Kirkland's plastic bag policy took effect on March 1, 2016. The policy restricts disposable plastic bags at checkout and is similar to policies adopted by Seattle, Issaquah, and other cities.

Large paper bags now cost five cents at grocery stores, convenience stores and gas stations, pharmacies, and supercenters. The requirement to charge for paper bags has been permanently suspended for other retailers as of April 18, 2017. Retailers keep all five cents of the bag fee to defray the higher cost of the bags.

About the Solid Waste Division
The City of Kirkland's Solid Waste Division manages Kirkland's garbage, recycling, and food/yard waste collection and disposal. We fund recycling programs and provide education to single-family and multifamily residents and businesses. Waste Management is Kirkland's contracted hauler, and services all residences and businesses in the city.

We are honored to be recognized by the Washington State Recycling Association as their 2017 Public Agency Recycler of the Year.

Public Works
Mon-Fri, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
123 5th Avenue, Kirkland WA 98033
Operations & Maintenance
Mon-Fri, 6:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
915 8th St, Kirkland WA 98033

General Inquiries
Engineering: T. 425.587.3800 | F. 425.587.3807
Operations & Maintenance: T. 425.587.3900 | F. 425.587.3902