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Trash, Recycling & Compost

Cut waste, recycle right & protect streams! Follow us for tips on living green in Kirkland:
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Attend our fall events:
Sept. 10 - StyroFest
Sept. 10 - Groundwork for a Healthy Landscape
Sept. 22 - Green Cleaning Workshop
Sept. 24 - Designing a Northwest Garden
Sept. 29 - Clear Your Clutter Workshop
Oct. 3-7 - Drop off Halloween costumes
Oct. 6 - Visit the Recycling Center
Oct. 8 - Wildlife Gardening for Pest Control
Oct. 8 - Recycling Collection Event
Oct. 8 - Halloween Costume Swap

Read our latest newsletters (pdf):
Single Family Residents (Fall 2016)
Apartment & Condo Residents (Fall 2016)
Businesses (2016)

The Solid Waste Division handles all services associated with garbage, recycling, and food/yard waste collection, processing, and disposal. Waste Management is Kirkland's contracted hauler. We fund recycling programs like StyroFest and provide education and outreach. Our services are tailored to residents in single family homes, residents in apartments and condos, and businesses. For all your recycle, compost, and trash questions, contact us. ​

Recycling Events
visual guide to materials accepted at StyroFestStyroFest
Stop putting styrofoam in the trash, and instead bring it for recycling! The next StyroFest is September 10, 2016. See the StyroFest guidelines and 2016 dates (PDF, 400kb) for information on how to recycle styrofoam at this special collection event. There is no StyroFest in October - instead, bring styrofoam to our Recycling Collection Event on October 8 at Lake Washington High School.

Can't make it to StyroFest? Here are more styrofoam recycling options (pdf) in the Seattle area. We recommend calling before you go to confirm.

Sustainability Education Series
green cleaning workshop mop demonstationThis fall, go green at home or in your yard with one of our free workshops! We've partnered with Seattle Tilth and King County Library System to bring you six free classes:
  • Fall Groundwork for a Healthy Landscape - Sept. 10 - Learn the best techniques to help protect your plants for the winter, save water and grow attractive, robust plants next spring. 
  • Green Cleaning Workshop - Sept. 22 - Our spring session was so well-received, we brought this class to the newly remodeled Kingsgate Library! This session offers great tips and recipes for making your own toxic-free cleaning products.
  • Designing a Northwest Garden - Sept. 24 - Learn how to design and plant a garden that weathers all seasons in the northwest.
  • Clear Your Clutter Workshop - Sept. 29 - Learn how to simplify your life, buy less, and make your home healthier and happier.
  • Visit the Recycling Center - Oct. 6 - See what happens after your recycling is picked up at the curb on this tour of Waste Management’s recycling facility in Woodinville.
  • Wildlife Garden for Natural Pest Control - Oct. 8 - Learn about the beneficial wild fauna found in a typical garden, how they help your plants bear fruit and fight off pests, and how to create a landscape that keeps them on site year round.
September Clothes Drive
textile donationsWe've teamed with Sight Connection for a fall clothes recycling drive. Schedule curbside pickup of textiles on select dates in September. (Apartment and condo residents can schedule pickup at their door as well!)

Clothes, linens, and other textiles are accepted — even torn, stained, and mis-matched items, which can be recycled into carpet padding and insulation. Just don't give anything wet, mildewed, or contaminated with hazardous materials — those items should go in the trash.

Halloween Costume Swap
Trade your old costumes for ones that are new-to-you! Donate costumes, masks, and accessories at Kirkland City Hall the week of October 3-7. Then, complete the swap by selecting a donated costume at Heritage Hall on Saturday October 8! 
  • Donate Costumes
    October 3-7
    8am - 5pm
    Kirkland City Hall
    123 5th Ave

    Costumes of all sizes - from baby to adult - will be accepted. Items should be clean and in good, wearable condition (e.g. no broken zippers).
  • Swap Costumes
    October 8
    10am - 12pm
    Heritage Hall
    203 Market Street

    Sound like fun? Volunteer at the costume swap, from 9 am - 1 pm, to help set up and organize costumes, then break down after the event. Contact if you're interested!
Conservation Crossword Puzzle
Here's the solution for our Multifamily Conservation Crossword puzzle (pdf, 1mb).
Didn't get the multifamily newsletter? Here's the blank crossword puzzle (pdf, 140kb).
conservation crossword puzzle

Plastic Bag Policy Effective as of March 1, 2016

Kirkland's plastic bag policy took effect on March 1, 2016. The policy restricts disposable plastic bags at checkout and is similar to policies adopted by Seattle, Issaquah, and other cities.

Large paper bags now cost five cents at grocery stores, convenience stores and gas stations, pharmacies, and supercenters. The requirement to charge for paper bags has been temporarily suspended for other retailers until May 1, 2017. Retailers keep all five cents of the bag fee to defray the higher cost of the bags.

Public Works
Mon-Fri, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
123 5th Avenue, Kirkland WA 98033
Operations & Maintenance
Mon-Fri, 6:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
915 8th St, Kirkland WA 98033

General Inquiries
Engineering: T. 425.587.3800 | F. 425.587.3807
Operations & Maintenance: T. 425.587.3900 | F. 425.587.3902