Juanita Beach Park

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Juanita Beach Park features a playground, bathhouse with restrooms, sand volleyball courts, ballfields, tennis courts, walking path, picnic shelters and a seasonal swimming area. This park includes areas on both sides of Juanita Drive and includes 1,000 feet of Lake Washington shoreline. 

Juanita Beach Park has a rich history as a popular summer destination since the early 1900s. There are many interpretive signs telling the history of the area throughout the park. The park bathhouse was rebuilt and a new accessible playground installed in 2020.

During the summer months, the park is the location of the Juanita Friday Market, a weekly farmers market.

There are two parking lots available at this park with space for up to 200 vehicles.  

Athletic Fields and Courts

Juanita Beach Park has volleyball and tennis courts available for drop-in use only. The volleyball courts are on the beach side of Juanita Drive and the tennis courts are across the street.

Juanita Beach Park has two youth baseball/softball fields. A permit may be required for use, please see our Rent an Athletic Field webpage for more information.

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Free Play

Free Play is field time set aside for the community to enjoy passive, drop-in, and informal play outdoors. The program is offered from March through October for natural grass, and year-round for synthetic turf.

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Park Donations

Donating funds to a park is a wonderful way to show appreciation for Kirkland, to honor someone special, or to commemorate a milestone. Park benches and tables are the most popular items to donate, however other donations are possible as well, like those for trees or landscape, for general park maintenance, towards public art or other site amenities (i.e. water fountains), and even towards the tools and equipment needed to keep Kirkland’s parks beautiful.

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Park History

Historical photo of Juanita Beach Bathhouse Juanita Beach Park has been a popular summer destination since the early 1900s. The property was originally settled by Dorr and Eliza Forbes in 1876. Their original house burned in 1905, but their second home still stands on the park property next to the ballfield.

In 1916, the construction of the Lake Washington Ship Canal caused Lake Washington to drop 8.8 feet revealing a sandy shore at Juanita Beach. The park became a popular resort with a two-story bathhouse in the 1920s under the guidance of Dora and Eliza's son Leslie and his wife Alicia. In 1956, they sold the park to King County. It remained a county park until 2002, when ownership was transferred to the City of Kirkland and a voter-approved maintenance levy dedicated new funds for improved park stewardship.

Read more about the history of Juanita Beach Park.(PDF, 73KB)



Picnic Shelter Rental

Picnic Shelter at Juanita Beach Park

Juanita Beach Park has two new picnic shelters available for rent. When the picnic shelter(s) is not being rented, it is available for use on a first-come, first-serve basis.

There are additional picnic tables throughout the park that are not part of the picnic shelter. They are available for first-come, first-serve use.

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Pop-Up Off-Leash Dog Area

The City of Kirkland is hosting an pop-up off-leash dog park at Juanita Beach Park during 2023 and 2024. Pop-up dog parks are fully fenced, and feature both a larger play area and a smaller play area.

We’ve heard the community desires more permanent off-leash options. Creating additional off-leash dog areas is an objective in our Parks, Recreation, and Open Space (PROS) Plan and has been included in our Capital Improvement Program. We look forward to creating more off-leash options for the community in the future.

  • Keep an eye on your dog at all times. You are responsible for your dog’s actions.
  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times unless you are in an Off-Leash Area.
  • Pick up after your dog and dispose of the waste in containers provided throughout the park. 

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Public Art

Juanita Beach features three public art pieces.

  1. Glassinator by Andrew Carson donated by Karen Lightfeldt
    Glassinator by Andrew Carson. Donated by Karen Lightfeldt in 2021.
    materials: steel and glass description: Glassinator is an interactive wind sculpture made of a stainless-steel pole topped by many pieces of glass that catch the light as it moves in opposite directions with the wind.
  2. Now and Then Artwork at Juanita Beach Park  Now and Then Artwork at Juanita Beach Park
    Now and Then
    by UrbanRock Design
    materials: timber, steel, aluminum
    description: Now and Then is a two-part project consisting of seating elements that represent the area's timber-rich landscape and metal discs depicting historic photos of the site's past. The timber benches are located next to the playground and the image discs are installed on the railing of the dock, providing two views back to the park and two views over the water. The historical images, procured from the Kirkland Heritage Society, include the bathhouse in 1935, the swimming dock, Juanita Beach Cabins, and kayak rentals.

  3. Symbiosis artwork at Juanita Beach Park
    Symbiosis by Joshua Wiener, 2010
    materials: Silverdale Limestone
    artist statement: Symbiosis is a visual expression of the restorative work that was done at Juanita Beach Park. The artwork is inspired by phytoremediation, cleaning water with plants. This single stone is surrounded by living plants, with an opening that appears to be created by water flowing through it. The larger faces of the stone are left natural to suggest that it was pulled from the earth undisturbed. 


Waterfront Access and Lifeguarded Swimming Beach

Juanita Beach provides an area completely enclosed by a "U" shaped dock with a sandy beach and shallow swimming area. You can launch your personal watercraft (kayak, paddleboard, etc.) from the park.

The swimming beach has lifeguards on duty during the summer, typically from July through Labor Day in September. If there is inclement weather, or the air temperature is under 65 degrees, lifeguards will not report to the beaches.

Beaches are tested weekly by King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks, if a beach tests high for bacteria, the beach will be closed for swimming. For testing information please visit green2.kingcounty.gov/swimbeach.

Loaner lifejackets are available at the lifeguard office. If a lifejacket is needed, please speak with any of the lifeguards on duty in the lifeguard office to check out a lifejacket.

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Photos of Juanita Beach Park


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