Rent an Athletic Field


Kirkland Parks & Community Services manages the Athletic Field reservations for both City of Kirkland Parks and most Lake Washington School District (LWSD) sites within City limits. 

Athletic Field use generally requires a permit which you can apply for below. To assist with expediting the reservation process, please review the information below.

When is a Field Use/Facility Use Permit Required?

If your athletic field reservation is for a Special Event, Community Event, Film/Photography, or Block Party, please review the information on the Special Events page.

A Field Use/Facility Use Permit for athletic field reservations is required if one or more of the following applies
  • When the use of an athletic field is by a league or organization, company or school, or is an organized social use such as a birthday party or picnic.
  • When you'd like to reserve a specific time
  • When City staff will provide a service like game preparation
  • When an event is large enough – either in attendance or in size. A group of 20 to 25 people most often triggers the need for a Permit as does one or more persons who'd like to consume a field for a unique activity or purpose.
  • When hired services are an element of the use
  • When the gathering includes any high-risk activities
  • When the gathering is for a business purpose, involves sales, advertising, or admissions
  • When the user requires permission to exceed park hours, noise levels, etc.
  • When a gathering is beyond the scope of normal/intended use of a facility

How Do I Reserve a Field or Apply for a Permit?

An application is required by all to reserve an athletic field and to receive a Field Use permit.  Applications are accepted any time throughout the year, although those received from leagues by the allocation process deadline have the greatest opportunity for permitted access to Kirkland's athletic fields.

Please refer to the How to Request an Athletic Field(PDF, 209KB) document in addition to our Athletic Field Use Application Checklist(PDF, 295KB) to make sure that you're submitting all requirements of the application.  

Athletic Field Allocation Process

The Allocation Process takes many factors into consideration. We'll be allocating field reservations based on seasonal priorities and the tier level of applicant/use. See below.

  1. First Tier
    • City of Kirkland and LWSD programs and events
  2. Second Tier
    • City-Sponsored/local youth recreation leagues
    • City-Sponsored adult leagues
    • Local youth select leagues
    • Local adult leagues
  3. Third Tier
    • Youth recreation leagues from outside the local area
    • Select youth leagues from outside the local area
    • Adults from outside the local area
  4. Fourth Tier
    • Independent, local uses (i.e. company uses, resident sponsored uses, neighborhood activities, picnics, social functions)
    • Independent, non-local uses (i.e. non-local company, non-local social functions)

Additional factors come into play as well.

  • If field requests exceed availability, users with past historical use may take precedence  over new user groups.
  • Scheduled league games and tournaments shall have priority consideration for use of a facility over practice use.
  • Requests which are for uses other than the designated primary uses of a field will be considered based upon field availability, safety and potential impacts. The City of Kirkland has the authority to approve or deny requests.
  • Special Event Use, social use or informal use of a field may be considered.
  • Special Event application process and the Facility Use application process and guidelines apply. Please visit the City of Kirkland website for Special Events page for more information.

Facilities Available for Reservation

132nd Square Park Ball Fields
Crestwoods Park Fields
Everest Park (Little League Fields)
Juanita Beach (Little League Fields)
Lee Johnson Field at Peter Kirk Park
Other Fields (including LWSD Fields)

A complete list of all athletic fields the City of Kirkland offers are available here: (PDF, 273KB)City of Kirkland Athletic Field Inventory (detailed)(PDF, 273KB).

Aerial photos of the fields are available for viewing here: Park and Athletic Field Aerial Photos(PDF, 6MB)

Athletic Field Reservation Fees

Rental fees are per hour, 2 hour minimum

 Premium Fields
Resident  Non-Resident
 Regular Rate $20 $24
 Non-Profit Rate $8.50 $10
 Class 1 Fields
Resident  Non-Resident
 Regular Rate $17 $21
 Non-Profit Rate $7 $8.50
 Class 2 Fields Resident Non-Resident
 Regular Rate  $14 $17
 Non-Profit Rate $4 $6
 Class 3 Fields
 Resident Non-Resident
 Regular Rate $13 $16
 Non-Profit Rate $3 $4
  Lakeview Elementary
 Resident Non-Resident
 Regular Rate $36 $51
 Non-Profit Rate $30 $36
  Lake Washington High School  Resident Non-Resident
 Youth Rate $45 $60
 Adult Rate $80 $100
 Add-On Services Resident Non-Resident
 Game Prep Fee (Per Prep) $30 $36
 Tournament Game Fee (Per Game) $25 $30
 Lights (Per Hour) $20 $20



Step 2.Gather required documents

To complete the application process, the following documents will be required by leagues and organizations.  You are encouraged to prepare the documents in advance of filling out the application.  The application requirements are the same for games, practices, tournaments, and other bookings.

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Street Address
  4. City
  5. Zip Code
  6. School of Attendance
  • A COVID-19 Safety Plan is required to be submitted during the permitting process.  The plan should include:
    • Monitoring for illness
    • Providing clean and sanitized operations
    • Social distancing
    • Face coverings
    • Capacity
    • Crowd Controls 

Step 3.Complete the application

Complete the Athletic Field Use Application.

Although applications are accepted at any time, the deadline to be considered for distribution of fields during the allocation process is 8:00 a.m. on 1/19/2021 for the First Season , 5/1/2021 for the Second Season . Applications received after deadline are considered first come, first served once allocations are complete.

Step 4.We will contact you

Once the application and all supporting documents have been received, it will be reviewed by staff. You can expect to receive a response within 5 business days. If additional information is needed, staff will contact you.