Rent an Athletic Field



Kirkland Parks and Community Services manages Athletic Field Use for both City of Kirkland and most Lake Washington School District (LWSD) sites within Kirkland.

Athletic Field Use generally requires a permit which you can apply for below. To expedite the reservation process, please review the information below. 

When is a Field Use/Facility Use Permit Required?

A Field Use/Facility Use Permit is required for the reservation of an athletic field if the use is for reasons listed below:

  • Use is by a league or organization, company, or school
  • Organized social use such as a birthday party or picnic
  • Specific time or exclusive use
  • City staff services are required for the use, such as game prep
  • Attendance is larger than 20 people
  • If hired services are an element of the use
  • High risk activities
  • For business purposes, involving sales, public advertising, or admissions
  • If requested use exceeds park hours, noise levels or other City ordinances
  • For gatherings that are beyond the scope of normal or intended use

If your athletic field reservation request is for a Special Event, Community Event, Film/Photography, or Block Party, please review the information on the Special Events page.

How Do I Reserve a Field or Apply for a Permit?

To reserve an athletic field, a Facility Use Permit is required. Complete an Athletic Field Use Application (see below) to get started. Applications are accepted throughout the year, with those who submit during our first and second season allocation process having the greatest opportunity for permitted access to Kirkland’s athletic fields. 

To be included in the allocation process, league applications are due by the time and dates below: 

First Season (January 1 – July 31; summer camps through August 31)

  •  **Applications are due by 8:00 a.m. December 5, 2022

Second Season (August 1 – December 31)

  •  **Applications are due by 8:00 a.m. May 1, 2023

Athletic Field Allocation Process

The process of allocating field space considers many factors. Allocating field reservations is based on the Athletic Field Use Policy, starting with tier levels and appropriateness of use.  

Field use applicant priority consideration is as follows:

  1. First Tier
    1. City of Kirkland and LWSD programs and events*
  2. Second Tier (Local non-profit league use)
    1. Youth Recreational
    2. Youth Select
    3. Adult
  3. Third Tier (Non-local, non-profit league use)
    1. Youth Recreational
    2. Youth Select
    3. Adult
  4. Fourth Tier
  1. Non-profit youth clinics and camps
  2. For-profit organizations

* Per the City-School Partnership Agreement between the City of Kirkland and Lake Washington School District, LWSD-sponsored programs have priority for the use of District-owned fields and athletic facilities. District programs and activities have the right to preempt other users upon giving advance notice, except in extraordinary circumstances when advance notice is not possible.

City-sponsored programs have priority for the use of City-owned fields and athletic facilities. City programs and activities have the right to preempt other users upon giving advance notice, except in extraordinary circumstances when advance notice is not possible.

While every effort will be made to schedule field use at the fields, times and dates requested, there is no guarantee all requests will be accommodated.

Other Considerations:

In additional to the tier levels, the Athletic Field Use Coordinator will consider applications based on:

  • Safety and appropriate use of fields
  • Diversity of sport, participant gender and age

There are no seasonal or field use priorities in order to allow flexibility and encourage trending, developing sports. Late applications will be considered after the allocation process is complete, on a first come, first-served basis.

For use of an athletic field for a special event, please visit the City of Kirkland website for Special Events page for more information.

Tournament Request Period

Attracting Tournaments to the Community

The City has an interest in attracting tournaments to the community. Tournaments are a unique opportunity to showcase facilities and the community and provide enhanced levels of play. As such, tournaments are evaluated on a case by case basis with a goal to balance local play with attracting out of town visitors and economic development.

Why a tournament request period?

The tournament request period is intended to allow tournament organizers to secure their dates with ample time for planning and marketing the tournament. Tournament organizers have the option to have their tournament considered separately from the allocation process. Applications are due in early September for the following calendar year. Tournament applicants will be notified of their tournament status by early December. Approved tournaments will be required to complete a Tournament Agreement to secure their dates.

Tournament applications not approved during the tournament request period and tournament applications submitted after the tournament request deadline will have a second opportunity to be considered for scheduling by applying as part of the regular season allocation process.

The tournament request period process goes into effect in 2023 for tournaments in 2024.

To request field space for the purpose of a tournament, please see below.

Facilities Available for Reservation

The City offers 58 Athletic Use Locations including 40 Lake Washington School District (LWSD) locations. Popular City of Kirkland athletic fields include:

123nd Square Park
Crestwoods Park
Everett Park
Juanita Beach Park
Lee Johnson Ballfield at Peter Kirk Park

A complete list of all athletic fields the City of Kirkland offers are available here:

City-of-Kirkland-Athletic-Field-Inventory-Updated(PDF, 306KB)

Reservations of Juanita High School and Lake Washington High School stadiums is managed by the District. Please contact each school directly for more information. 

Athletic Field Use Fees

2023 Rental fees are per hour, 2 hour minimum.
Rental fees are subject to change without notice.

 Premium Fields
Resident  Non-Resident
 Regular Rate $30 36
 Non-Profit Rate $18 $22
 Class 1 Fields
Resident  Non-Resident
 Regular Rate $25 30
 Non-Profit Rate $15 $18
 Class 2 Fields Resident Non-Resident
 Regular Rate  $22 $27
 Non-Profit Rate $12 $15
 Class 3 Fields
 Resident Non-Resident
 Regular Rate $19 $23
 Non-Profit Rate $9 $10
 132nd Square Fields 2 and 3 Resident  Non-Resident
 Regular Rate $65 $78
 Non-Profit Rate $40 $48
  Lakeview Elementary
 Resident Non-Resident
 Regular Rate $42 $60
 Non-Profit Rate $35 $42
  Juanita and Lake Washington High School  Resident Non-Resident
 Youth Rate $45 $60
 Adult Rate $80 $100
 Add-On Services Resident Non-Resident
 Game Prep Fee (Per Prep) $30 $36
 Tournament Game Fee (Per Game) $25 $30
 Lights (Per Hour) $25 $25

Free Play

Free Play • New! • Passive • Drop-in • Informal • Play

What Is the Free Play Program and Who Can Play?

Free Play is field time set aside for the community to enjoy passive, drop-in, and informal play outdoors. Free Play space is intended to be welcoming and to safely benefit multiple community members from a variety of households/neighborhoods at the same time. The Program is perfect for personal, casual, spontaneous use, like a mom and son tossing a ball, friends playing Ultimate Frisbee, or a family enjoying kickball.

Free Play Schedule

  • The program is offered from March through October for natural grass, and year-round for synthetic turf. 
  • Free Play ends at the time listed or by dusk, whichever comes first.
  • No Free Play is available on the following dates:
    • Labor Day Monday, September 4th
    • Christmas Eve Sunday, December 24th
    • New Year's Eve Sunday, December 31st
  • A Fee Play schedule for January and February 2024 will be posted in early January.
Weekdays  4 PM to 8 PM or dusk, whichever comes first  Dates
 Mondays   Juanita Beach Park Field 2   Aug 21
   Everest Park Field 3  Aug 28, Sep 11 thru Oct 9
   Spinney Homestead Park  Oct 16 & 19*
 Tuesdays  Highlands Park   Now thru Oct 24*
 Wednesdays  Spinney Homestead Park   Now thru Oct 25*
 Thursdays  Terrace Park  Now thru Oct 26*
 Fridays  Juanita Beach Park Field 2   Now thru Oct 13
   Highlands Park   Oct 20 & 27*
 Weekends See Times Below  
 Everest Park Field 3, 2 PM to 6 PM  Now thru Oct 14
   132nd Square Park Field 2 & 3, 4 PM to 7 PM  Now thru Dec 30 
 Sundays  132nd Square Park Field 2 & 3, 11 AM to 2 PM  Now thru Dec 17
   Crestwoods Park Field 1, 2 PM to 6 PM  Now thru Oct 15
   Crestwoods Park Field 3, 2 PM to 6 PM  Oct 22 & 29

*Please note grass and dirt fields close in the northwest during the wet, cold months of November and December as use of a saturated field can cause severe damage. Free Play is therefore limited to just synthetic turf fields during the months of November and December. Your cooperation with keeping Kirkland's athletic fields strong and healthy and staying off grass fields November through February is greatly appreciated! Because daylight is limited, there is only one synthetic turf field, and other fall/winter programs are scheduled at 132nd Square Park, Free Play during November and December is limited to the weekends.

Are Any Activities Not Allowed During Free Play?

  • Certain categories of uses are not and instead require a Facility Use Permit or a contract with the City to use a park.
    • Examples are business uses, like instructors serving clients for payment or for free (dog trainers, personal trainers), and league/team use (one on one coaching, team players practicing with or without a coach, etc.). 
  • Groups/clubs which are organized, and/or repetitive, and/or large are also not permissible.
    • Examples are running clubs, Ultimate Frisbee/Soccer clubs, etc.
  • Unsafe, high-risk, damaging activities are also not allowed.
    • Examples of high-risk activities include golf, archery, remote control activities, laser tag, Bubble Soccer, etc.
    • Examples of damaging activities are digging, stakes that may penetrate irrigation, paint, etc.
  • On Synthetic Turf fields, dogs, metal cleats, glass, seeds, stakes, and gum are not allowed.

Thank You & Questions

  • We appreciate your cooperation to make this new program a success and hope you enjoy this new opportunity to get outdoors and be active!

NEW - Mid Season Athletic Field Use and Social Use Application Links

There are a variety of processes to apply for field use depending on the type of use you are seeking.  As such, we've created a separate application for Mid-season Athletic Field Use and Social Field Use, requiring less supporting documentation over our regular Athletic Field Use Application.

New - Mid-season Athletic Field Use 

Athletic Field Use requesters must complete the full Athletic Field Use Application annually. A requester is "vetted" once the City receives a completed Athletic Field Use Application and required accompanying documents. The organization or requester is considered vetted when the Athletic Field Use Coordinator approves your application and accompanying documents.

Mid-season, after the regular season allocation process is complete, those vetted leagues wanting to request additional field space may request new uses by submitting a Mid Season Athletic Field Use Application. The Mid-season Athletic Field Use Application is a quicker process for applicants as it does not require uploading supporting documents already on file with the City.

Social Use of Athletic Fields and Facilities 

Individuals, businesses, and groups wanting to use an athletic field or facility for a social event may complete the Social Athletic Field Use Application. This application is generally intended for one-time occasions. Call (425) 587-3330 with any questions.

Mid-season Athletic Field Use Application

Social Athletic Field Use Application (Link available starting 6/1/23)

Application Process and Supporting Documents

Step 2.Gather required documents

To complete the application process, the following documents will be required by leagues and organizations.  You are encouraged to prepare the documents in advance of filling out the application.  The application requirements are the same for games, practices, tournaments, and other bookings.

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Street Address
  4. City
  5. Zip Code
  6. School of Attendance

Step 3.Complete the application

Complete the Athletic Field Use Application

Although applications are accepted at any time, the deadline to be considered for distribution of fields during the allocation process is 8:00 a.m. on December 5, 2022 for the First Season , 8:00 a.m. on May 1, 2023 for the Second Season . Applications received after deadline are considered first come, first served once allocations are complete.

Step 4.We will contact you

Once the application and all supporting documents have been received, it will be reviewed by staff. You can expect to receive a response within 5 business days. If additional information is needed, staff will contact you.