Parks and Community Services

Folks play volleyball on the beach at Houghton Beach Park

To support a healthy and sustainable community by providing high quality parks and recreation services, ensuring a collaborative community response to basic human needs, and protecting our natural areas.

The three primary goals of Parks and Community Services are to:
1. Acquire, develop, and renovate a system of parks, recreational facilities, and open spaces that are attractive, safe, functional, and available to all
2. Enhance the quality of life in the community by providing services and programs that offer positive opportunities for building healthy productive lives
3. Protect and preserve publicly owned natural resource areas

Staff Contact Information
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Community Building Events
Kirkland Parks and Community Services provides a variety of community building events to enhance the quality of life for community members. Special events such as Celebrate Kirkland - 4th of July, See Spot Splash, Harvest Festival, and DÍa de los Muertos provide opportunities to participate, be inclusive, and bring the community, businesses, and the City together. Learn more about our community building events and sponsorship opportunities.

Employment Opportunities
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Park Rules
Know before you go! Learn park rules so you and others can enjoy your visit to Kirkland parks.

Plaza of Champions
Do you know someone who should be recognized for their contributions to the Kirkland community?  Learn more about our Plaza of Champions and how to nominate someone.

Director Lynn-Zwaagstra.jpg

Lynn Zwaagstra
Director of Parks and Community Services

Administrative Assistant: Emily Welch

Lynn comes to the City of Kirkland with 28 years of experience in parks, recreation, health, and wellness. Previously, she was the Director of Campus Recreation at the University of Arizona and prior to that she was the Recreation Director for the towns of Breckinridge and Frisco in Colorado.

Lynn holds a master’s degree in Park and Recreation Administration.

Human Services staff, alongside the Human Services Commission, allocate funding to local agencies to provide services to meet basic needs for individuals and families. The Human Services team oversees the Kirkland Youth Council.

Parks Management is responsible for the care and maintenance of all Kirkland Parks. This team covers everything from preparing fields for little league games to forest restoration and the Green Kirkland Partnership.

Park Planning and Development is responsible for park master planning, facility design, land acquisition, capital projects, construction management, grant preparation, and long range strategic policy planning for Parks.

Recreation offers hundreds of fun sports and learning opportunities for people of all ages in the Kirkland community. Activities include athletic programs, community building events including Celebrate Kirkland - 4th of July, performing arts, fitness, dance, preschool activities, special interest, and youth activities.  The Recreation team oversees the Kirkland Senior Council.

Special Events staff help event organizers put on successful events in the Kirkland community. They also coordinate and implement the Juanita Friday Market held each summer. Special Event permits are issued through Parks and Community Services and are required for fairs, festivals, concerts, performances, parades, and races/walks.

We produce reports throughout the year that help tell the story of how Parks and Community Services supports the Kirkland community. Read our reports and studies.

The Park Planning and Development division is responsible for park master planning and long range strategic policy planning including the Parks, Recreation and Open Space (PROS) Plan.

Park Board: Established by the City Council to act in an advisory capacity on issues pertaining to Parks and Community Services.

Human Services Commission: Directed by the City Council to advise the Parks and Community Services department, City Manager, and City Council in leading the City’s efforts to support a socially sustainable community through health and human services and programs that fulfill the basic needs of all people and enhance the quality of life in Kirkland now and into the future.

Youth Council: A group of about 40 teens representing all Middle and High Schools in Kirkland. Each member of the Kirkland Youth Council has the responsibility of representing their school, social and cultural group, the City, as well as the youth of Kirkland to the City Council and other local government groups.

Senior Council: A group of concerned citizens like you, who are dedicated to ensuring that Kirkland is, and remains a safe, vibrant place for community members age 50+. Established by the City Council in 2002 as an advisory group, they advocate, support, shape and create programs and services that meet the needs of adults age 50+ in the community.

The City of Kirkland has established a busking permit process, allowing approved buskers to perform at designated parks. Visit our busking page for more information on busking rules and on how to apply for a permit.