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Parks Trails Guide 2018 reduced sizeDid you know that one of the single best things you can do for your health is a 30-minute daily walk in the park? Just being in nature leads to lower rates of depression and anxiety as well as higher quality of sleep. Additionally, regular physical activity leads to improved physical condition and cardiovascular health, improved mood and an increase in the development of neural connections. Kirkland has dozens of parks from small pocket parks to waterfront parks to large community parks with a variety of amenities like sports fields, playgrounds, picnic areas and trails. Get to know your neighbors today in one of your local area parks. Or better yet, volunteer with the Green Kirkland Partnership to help with forest restoration!

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Parks with Accessible Features

Accessible Features
132nd Square Park (under construction) picnic tables, playground
Carillon Woods Park interpretive walk
Crestwoods Park restrooms
David E. Brink Park dock, interpretive walk
Doris Cooper Houghton Beach Park picnic tables, playground
Edith Moulton Park drinking fountain, interpretive walk, playground, restrooms, trail
Everest Park picnic tables, restrooms
Heritage Park picnic tables, interpretive walk
Juanita Bay Park interpretive walk, restrooms, trail
Juanita Beach Park drinking fountain, interpretive walk, playground, restrooms
Marina Park picnic tables, restrooms, dock, 
North Kirkland Community Center Park restrooms
North Rose Hill Woodlands Park interpretive walk, trail
Peter Kirk Park picnic tables, restrooms
South Rose Hill Park restroom, trail
Totem Lake Park drinking fountain, interpretive walk, playground, restrooms
Waverly Beach Park dock, restrooms