132nd Square Park

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132nd Square Park features a multi-purpose synthetic turf playfield, a smaller grass field for softball or baseball, an all-abilities playground with zipline, year-round restrooms, and three picnic shelters. The park is located in the Evergreen Hills/Kingsgate neighborhood and was renovated in 2023. Learn more about the renovation.

Some unique features of 132nd Square Park include:

  • The reflexology path with raised stones to massage your feet while you stroll or do a walking meditation.
  • The first synthetic turf playfield in a Kirkland park was opened in 2023.
  • The first public automated external defibrillator (AED) in a Kirkland park was installed here in 2024.

Athletic Fields

132nd Square Park has two fields available. A permit may be required for use. Please see our Rent an Athletic Field webpage for more information.

  • The upper field is a youth baseball/softball field.
  • The lower field is a lighted, multi-purpose, synthetic turf field that can accommodate baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, and many other sports. 

View rates and policies, or learn how to reserve a field

Park Donations

Donating funds to a park is a wonderful way to show appreciation for Kirkland, to honor someone special, or to commemorate a milestone. Park benches and tables are the most popular items to donate, however other donations are possible as well, like those for trees or landscape, for general park maintenance, towards public art or other site amenities (i.e. water fountains), and even towards the tools and equipment needed to keep Kirkland’s parks beautiful.

Learn more about park donations

Picnic Shelters Rental

132nd Square Park has three covered picnic shelters with 2 tables each available for rent.

Learn more about renting the picnic area at 132nd Square Park

Public Art

132nd Square Art - Individually We Transform Together We Soar

Individually We Transform, Together We Soar

by Cobalt Designworks

Artist description: Two sculptural elements together convey the strengths and uniqueness of the individual and the power when we come together. One element is a large unfurled cocoon, denoting the ever-evolving nature of our individual selves. The cocoon is cradled by a bunch of grassy reeds. The other element is a 20ft-tall tree-crag-like structure from which dozens of butterflies burst out in a vibrant rainbow of color. This element symbolizes the beauty of coming together in our diversity and uniqueness. The whole is greater than the sum of our parts and helps create a culturally rich community.

There are six species of butterflies represented, each with its own size, shape, color, and origin. The butterflies were chosen carefully to represent Kirkland’s largest immigrant populations as well as those native to the US and the Pacific Northwest. The artwork will also include a sculptural raven feather and bald eagle feather to honor the Duwamish tribes as the original inhabitants of the land that is present day Kirkland.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I use the field?

132nd Square Park has two fields: a square or diamond field for youth baseball and softball and a large rectangular synthetic turf field suitable for multiple sports. A permit is required for organized use but drop in users may use the fields when they are not reserved. Please see kirklandwa.gov/ParkRentals for field scheduling information.

The fields are reserved for open play during specific times. Learn more at kirklandwa.gov/FreePlay


Can I let my dog(s) run around on the field?

Please note, no dogs are allowed on either field. Kirkland does have several off-leash dog areas. Learn more at kirklandwa.gov/dogparks


What are the rules for using the turf field?

Fields constructed of synthetic materials require special care to protect their unique playing qualities for many years to come. Please help us keep the synthetic turf field in working order by following these rules:

  • No tobacco products
  • No gum or sunflower seeds
  • No pet
  • No fireworks
  • No vehicles

A permit may be required for use, please visit kirklandwa.gov/ParkRentals to learn more about field scheduling.


Is synthetic turf safe?

Ensuring that our parks and playgrounds are safe for the community is one of our top priorities. Studies to date have not shown an elevated health risk from playing on fields with crumb rubber. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) launched a multi-agency research effort in February 2016.  Their findings have so far found that while many chemicals may be present in the recycled crumb rubber, exposure may be limited based on what is released into air or biological fluids. Learn more at www.epa.gov/TireCrumb

In 2017, the Washington State Department of Health and the University of Washington School of Public Health investigated issues related to soccer playing and cancer. Based on their research, the Washington State Department of Health recommends that people who enjoy soccer continue to play regardless of the type of field surface. Learn more at https://doh.wa.gov/community-and-environment/schools/environmental-health/synthetic-turf

For the field infill at 132nd Square Park, the City of Kirkland chose green encapsulated rubber infill that is patented as the most environmentally friendly infill product in the US and Europe. The encapsulation provides multiple benefits – it reduces volatile organic compounds (VOC), reduces the electromagnetic or static cling tendencies of the product and the lighter color helps reduce the temperature of the playing field.

The City of Kirkland is continuing to monitor new research that emerges on the health and environmental impacts of crumb rubber.


When do the field lights turn on?

The multi-purpose synthetic turf field at 132nd Square Park is equipped with field lights. Those field lights may be used from dusk until 10pm from October thru March and from dusk until 11pm from April through September. The field lights are only turned on for scheduled City programs, including Free Play, and for those who have rented the field and have with permits to use the field. Field lights will not turn on if the field is being used without a reservation or permit. An additional lighting fee per hour is charged for permitted uses that require field lighting. Learn more about the Free Play program, field light guidelines, field rentals, and field scheduling on the Rent an Athletic Field web page.


What kind of lights are installed? Will they impact neighbors?

For the lights at 132nd Square Park, the City chose a best-in-class LED system from MUSCO that focuses the light downward on the field with minimal glare and wasteful overflow or light spill on neighboring properties. The field lights were tested the evening of September 11, 2023. The testing confirmed that the lights were properly installed and met all design requirements.

If you have additional questions related to 132nd Square Park, please submit it via OurKirkland.


What happened to all the trees at 132nd Square Park?

We had to remove 89 trees for this project for a variety of reasons. The design of the field and underground stormwater vault made it necessary to remove the trees along the street. There were 12 cottonwood trees in the park that were removed due to site improvements and impacts from construction of the park. Due to the anticipated high use of the new park, these trees were determined to be good candidates for removal and replacement. As cottonwood trees become overmature they can be prone to dropping branches and require on-going maintenance. Based on the condition of these particular cottonwood trees, the City made the decision to remove the trees to mitigate potential risk to future park patrons.

Most of the large evergreen trees within the park were preserved, and 119 new trees were planted as a part of the renovation with plans for more trees to be added in order to continue improving the tree canopy. Trees planted include maple, madrone, dogwood, redwood, shore pine, and western red cedar.  There are also shrub plantings that include ceanothus, mahonia, sword fern, red flowering current, huckleberry, and viburnum.

Photos of 132nd Square Park


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