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Public Safety

  • Police Department
  • Fire Services
  • Enhanced Police Services and Community Safety Ballot Measure
    The Kirkland City Council referred a ballot measure on enhanced police services and community safety for voter consideration at the November 6, 2018 election.
  • Emergency Response
  • Office of Emergency Management
    Kirkland’s Office Of Emergency Management page provides information to help individuals, businesses, and communities prepare for and recover from emergencies and disasters.
  • Municipal Court
  • Kirkland Jail
    Information on inmate services and bail procedures
  • Code Enforcement
    The Code Enforcement Program supports the City's public safety mission by investigating potential or actual violations of the City, public health, and other applicable regulations.
  • NORCOMlinks to external site
    Emergency Service Providers for the North East King County Region
  • King County Sherifflinks to external site