Park Ranger Program

Park Ranger Betty standing in front of the park ranger truck

The park ranger provides customer service to park visitors to ensure a safe, welcoming, and positive experience while using Kirkland’s Parks and Green Spaces. The park ranger works in collaboration with Kirkland Parks Management, King County Marine Rescue Dive Unit, and the Kirkland Police Department. 

As an ambassador for Parks and Community Services and the City of Kirkland, the park ranger provides the following services:

  • Provide information about available services, parks, and special events
  • Enhance public safety and security in parks by monitoring high-use sites
  • Respond to calls for service
  • Educate, warn, enforce, and issue tickets for non-compliance with park rules
  • Support the Harbormaster program by performing duties at public docks and piers
  • Respond to emergency situations throughout the park system
  • Conduct park walkthroughs and inspections for environmental dumping, defacement, encroachments, homeless encampments, areas showing signs of illicit behavior, or unsafe conditions


As a regular presence on the Marina docks, our park ranger assists boaters in understanding the park rules and ensuring they are safe and compliant. The park ranger also assists King County Marine Rescue Dive Unit in responding to sinking and damaged boats, environmental spills, and other safety issues.

Working with Kirkland Police Department

The park ranger collaborates with and supports the Kirkland Police Department and the Animal Control Officer to help deter non-compliant activity, enforce leash and pet waste laws, pet licensing requirements, and general safety and usability of our parks.

Off-Leash Enforcement

One area of emphasis for the park ranger is off-leash enforcement. All dogs within the City limits are required to be on a leash (as defined in KMC 8.09.120) with the exception of areas that have been designated by the City as “off-leash” areas. For more information on leash laws, see KMC 8.09.500. Off-leash violations start at $25 and double with each additional infraction issued to a pet owner. There are two off-leash areas in Kirkland: Jasper’s Dog Park and Edith Moulton Dog Park. Pets are not allowed on- or off-leash in community garden areas at McAuliffe, Tot Lot, or Odhe Parks. Pets are never allowed in designated swimming areas like Houghton Beach Park, Waverly Beach Park, or Juanita Beach Park. See our park rules about animals for more information.


Whether it’s animals in the park, environmental hazards, assisting parkgoers or keeping a watchful eye, the park ranger program is an essential element to the safe and friendly operations of our park system.