Street and Grounds

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Snow Priority Map(PDF, 2MB)
Anti-Icing Map(PDF, 4MB)

The Public Works Streets and Grounds Division provides a wide range of services to the city. This includes maintaining 648 lane miles of streets, four acres of City medians and gateways, the 5¾ miles of the Cross Kirkland Corridor, and approximately 30,000 right-of-way trees. This does not include trees in Public Works-maintained open spaces. 



To report an urgent issue with a city roadway including roadway hazards, obstructions, and spills, please call 425-587-3900.

Non-emergency road issues may be reported via the Our Kirkland portal or to 425-587-3900 during business hours.

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) maintains the state highway system including I-405, its on and off ramps, and adjacent traffic signals. They can be contacted at 206-440-4000.

Abandoned vehicles should be reported to the Kirkland Police Department, 425-577-5656.

Residents with specific neighborhood traffic concerns may submit a request to the Transportation Division through the City's Our Kirkland portal.

Current Capital Improvement Program projects

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Sidewalks, paths, trails

The Street and Grounds Division maintains public sidewalks, paths, and trails in the City of Kirkland. To report an urgent issue, please call 425-587-3900 24 hours a day.

You may report a non-emergency issue via the Our Kirkland portal or call 425-587-3900 during business hours.

In Kirkland, the adjacent property owner is responsible for keeping the public sidewalk adjoining their property clear of any debris or obstructions. This includes leaves, snow, and ice. Vegetation must be kept trimmed to a height of at least eight feet above the sidewalk.

Blowing or moving leaves and debris onto the sidewalk or into the street is prohibited.

Upon request, the City may notify a property owner that they need to clear the sidewalk of overgrown vegetation within a specified period of time.

For more information, see the following sections of the Kirkland Municipal Code:

  • 11.64.040 Littering prohibited—Penalties
  • 15.52.090 (25) Illicit discharges include lawn clippings, leaves, or branches
  • 19.04.010 Obstructions in right-of-way
  • 19.20.020 Abutting property owner to maintain sidewalk in safe condition
  • 21.41.302 Control of Overgrown Vegetation, Removal of Overhanging Vegetation and Fire Hazards


Cross Kirkland Corridor


To report public tree emergencies that require an immediate response, please call 425-587-3900 24 hours a day.

For both public and private non-emergency tree issues, please call the Planning and Building Department at 425-587-3600.  A Public Tree Removal application or Public Tree Pruning application is required for tree removal and pruning requests located within the City right-of-way. See the City’s Trees page for more information. 

For safety reasons, Puget Sound Energy handles tree issues within 12 feet of power lines, 1-888-225-5773You may also submit a non-emergency service request via their Tree Trimming FAQs page. 

The city does not respond to tree issues on private property. If a right-of-way tree has fallen onto private property, it is the private property owner’s responsibility. If you would like more information about filing a claim, please call the Human Resources Department at 425-587-3210 or visit the Claims for Damages page. 


In Kirkland, property owners are responsible for trimming and maintaining the right-of-way adjacent to their property except for maintaining right-of-way trees. Please contact the Planning and Building Department at 425-587-3600 if you wish to request pruning of a right-of-way tree.

The city does seasonal mowing on a rotating schedule in areas where larger equipment is required. 

Street sweeping

In general, the Street and Grounds Division sweeps all 250 miles of Kirkland's public roads six to seven times per year. To ensure equitable service, Kirkland takes a systematic approach to sweeping.

Because the City sweeps streets on a regular basis, individual requests for sweeping in a particular area, neighborhood, or street are not accepted. The City cannot provide advance notice of sweeping days or times.

This map shows which streets have been swept recently.

Street sweeping priorities are shifted by emergencies, traffic incidents, severe weather conditions, and garbage and recycling schedules. As we enter fall, the leaf volume changes and dramatically slows progress around the City. 

Please note that blowing or moving leaves and debris into the street is prohibited. Moving leaves into the streets increases the risk of storm drain flooding, creates hazardous driving conditions, and slows down the street sweepers.

Snow and ice response

Snow priority route map(PDF, 2MB)

Anti-icing route map(PDF, 4MB)

City of Kirkland Snow and Ice Response Plan(PDF, 8MB)

Kirkland Snow Response

During snow and ice events, the Public Works Department focuses resources on snow removal operations, de-icing, traction improvements, and selected road closures to mitigate hazardous traveling conditions.

During these events, personnel and resources are focused on our Priority 1, 2, and 3 routes (see maps above). They are also working alongside the Kirkland Police and Kirkland Fire Departments to ensure proper emergency response. If you have an emergency, please call 911.

Crews may begin working on non-priority roads as resources and conditions allow. If you wish to report non-emergency road conditions, please use Our Kirkland

Please note that as a resident or property/business owner in Kirkland, per KMC 19.20.020 and other statutes, you are responsible for keeping sidewalks adjacent to your property clear of any debris or obstructions including snow and ice. 


Graffiti on public property can be reported via the Our Kirkland portal or by calling 425-587-3900 during business hours.

Graffiti on private property can be reported via the Our Kirkland portal or by calling the Planning and Building Department at 425-587-3600

The City does not remove graffiti on private property. The City will notify the property owner and encourage them to remove the graffiti quickly. 

To report an active incident of graffiti, please call the Kirkland Police Department at 425-577-5656.

If the graffiti is on property associated with the state’s highway transportation system, it can be reported via the Washington State Department of Transportation’s graffiti reporting page.

Graffiti at bus stops can be reported to King County Metro at 206-477-3850 or Sound Transit at 1-888-889-6368


Litter and illegal dumping

Litter and illegal dumping in the public right-of-way can be reported via the Our Kirkland portal or at 425-587-3900 during business hours.

Illegal dumping on private property can be reported via the Our Kirkland portal or to the Kirkland Planning and Building Department at 425-587-3600.


Dead animals

Dead wildlife in the public right-of-way can be reported via the Our Kirkland portal or at 425-587-3900.

Dead domestic animals should be reported to Kirkland Animal Control, 425-577-5656.


To participate in Kirkland’s Adopt-a-Road litter control program, please submit a request via the Our Kirkland portal.


Streetlights in the right-of-way in Kirkland may be maintained by the Public Works Transportation Division, Puget Sound Energy, or another agency. A majority of Kirkland's streetlights are maintained by Puget Sound Energy. 

You may report a streetlight outage via the Our Kirkland portal or to 425-587-3900. You will be informed if Puget Sound Energy maintains the streetlight in question.

Streetlight issues can be reported to Puget Sound Energy at 1-888-225-5773 or on their website. Examples of how their pole numbers look are below. 



Parking lots and garages

To report an issue with a City parking lot or garage, please call 425-587-3900. For emergencies, dial 911.

For a list of City-maintained parking facilities and more information on parking in Kirkland, check out the Downtown Parking website.

Weed and pest management

Survey monuments


Washington 811 explains that:

Survey monuments are physical markers indicating the location of land boundary corners, geodetic control points, or local control points. They enable a surveyor to relate narrative boundary descriptions or improvements, and boundaries drawn on a set of plans to the actual location on the ground.

All real properties, such as parcels, lots, rights-of-way, and easements can only be located or staked on the ground by starting from a monument. Legal descriptions of the horizontal and vertical locations of properties and structures all require the location of a monument as their beginning point of reference. The accuracy and relevancy of the City’s Geographic Information System (GIS) maps are also based on survey monuments. The network of survey monuments protects and delineates public and private property, and is critical to the enforcement and enjoyment of real property rights. Survey monuments are important assets belonging to the City and its citizens, and are protected and maintained as such.

Protecting Survey Monuments contains additional details about the importance of protecting these markers.




Locate markings and digging

Washington State Law requires that underground utilities be marked before you dig. The City of Kirkland marks city utilities in the public right-of-way only. Puget Sound Energy, Comcast, Ziply, Northshore Utility District, Woodinville Water, and others have underground assets in Kirkland as well. 

Some underground utilities belong to you, such as your side sewer, water service line, and private storm water system. The city does not mark underground utilities on private property. You will need to hire a private company to mark your personal property. 

The paint used for locate markings is designed to wear away in time. The city does not remove it. The color of the paint indicates what type of asset has been marked. 

The Washington Utility Notification Center and have more information about marking underground utilities. Call 811 before you dig.