Downtown Parking

Parking Locations

Downtown Kirkland's Guide to Public Parking(PDF, 2MB)

Kirkland Downtown Parking Guide 2023

Parking Options

Free Parking

30-Minute Parking

Designated on-street spots and spots in the Lakeshore Plaza lot and Lake & Central lot

2 Hour Parking

On-street, many locations

4 Hour Parking

 Night and Weekend Non-restricted Parking

  • City Hall visitor and non-assigned stalls
  • Wester Lot, on Third Ave next to City Hall

Pay Parking

Public Pay Lots

  • Lakeshore Plaza, Lake & Central, Lakeshore Auxiliary lots
  • Up to 4 Hour Parking: Monday–Saturday 9 AM – 9 PM *Free on Sundays and holidays*
  • $1 per hour: Pay by Phone* or kiosks accept cards or coins

Pre-Payment Option: The pay stations accept pre-payment if you park prior to 9:00 AM. For example, if you park at 6:00 AM and are leaving at 1:00 PM, the pay station will accept your early payment of $4.00 and there is no need to go back at 9:00 AM to pay.

Pay-by-Phone option: Pay-by-Phone parking payment option is available in these lots. Use the app from the Apple Store or Google Play or pay online at

 Private Pay Lots

  • Permitted or free customer-only parking during business hours, general paid evening, and weekend parking
  • Mixed use lots with some general paid time-limited parking all day

EV Charging

EV charging stations owned by the city of Kirkland are operated by Chargepoint and offer free charging.  To use the charging stations the customer needs to download the app and set up an account.  For assistance with charging stations or the app call 1-888-758-4389.

When parking in EV charging stalls the vehicle must be connected to the charging station and actively being charged per Kirkland Municipal Code 12.45.180.


 Lakeshore Plaza Public Pay Lot (4 stalls)

  • Up to 4 Hour Pay Parking: Monday-Saturday 9 AM – 9 PM *Free on Sundays and Holidays*
  • $1 per hour for parking: PayByPhone mobile app or kiosks accept cards or coins

Peter Kirk Municipal Garage (4 stalls)

Kirkland City Hall Parking Lot (2 stalls)

  • Parking For Customers Doing Business With City Hall: Monday-Friday 8 AM – 5 PM
  • Free Parking Nights, Weekends and Holidays

Private Pay Lots and Garages

Non-city owned public EV charging stations may also be found in some private lots or garages.  A fee for charging and/or parking may apply.  Drivers of electric vehicles can locate charging stations via PlugShare.

ADA Accessible Parking

On-street parking

  • Central Way (4 stalls)
  • Lake Avenue West (1)
  • Lake Street (2)
  • Kirkland Ave (3)
  • Park Lane (2)
  • Main Street (1)

Parking garages and lots

  • Merrill Gardens Parking Garage (1 stall)
  • Peter Kirk Municipal Garage (9)
  • Lakeshore Plaza (5)
  • Pool/KPC/PKCC (6)
  • Heritage Park (1)
  • Lake & Central Lot (3)

Boat Trailer Parking

  • Heritage Park (April 1 - October 31)
  • West side of Market Street, from Central Way to Waverly (after 6 pm on weekdays; unrestricted weekends and holidays)

Non-restricted Parking

No time-limit parking on 3rd Avenue between 1st Street and 2nd Street.





Parking Permits

Downtown Employee Parking Permits

We encourage employees of downtown businesses to park in designated areas. This ensures patrons have the best parking available in downtown Kirkland. Downtown employee parking is free. 

Learn about Downtown Employee Parking Program

Juanita Parking Permits

Per Kirkland Municipal Code 12.45.230, on the streets with blue lines, no street parking is allowed except by City of Kirkland permit.  If you are a resident in any of the identified areas around Juanita High School, you can pick up a resident permit and guest permits at the City Hall Public Works counter during normal business hours, Monday-Friday. No parking allowed except by permit signage on the following streets:

  • 103rd Place NE between NE 130th Street and 102nd Avenue NE
  • NE 128th Street between 109th Avenue NE and 112th Place NE
  • 110th Avenue NE between NE 128th Street and NE 131st Street
  • 111th Avenue NE between NE 128th Street and NE 131st Street


Temporary Parking Permits

We offer temporary street use parking permits. These permits allow exemptions from time restricted street parking. Temporary street use parking permits are an option for you if you are:

  • Relocating your residence or business
  • You have small construction projects
  • You are planning a small event with a time limit
  • Complete the temporary street use parking permit application and submit to the Engineering Program Assistant.

Apply for the temporary street use parking permit(PDF, 92KB)


Look for Our Parking Signs