Kingsgate Neighborhood Plan Update

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Planning For Kingsgate

Beginning in 2023 and continuing into 2024, Planning and Building Department staff in coordination with the residential and businesses communities in the Kingsgate Neighborhood will conduct an update of the Kingsgate Neighborhood Plan chapter in the Kirkland Comprehensive Plan. The update will include an extensive community engagement process including formation of a Kingsgate Working Group, study sessions with the Planning Commission, as well as community-based outreach events. Final adoption of the updated Plan is anticipated at the end of 2024 in conjunction with other citywide amendments to the Comprehensive Plan.

This page summarizes the scope of work, process, public outreach plan and schedule that will be used for the neighborhood plan update process. See the Kingsgate Neighborhood Plan Update Framework(PDF, 813KB) document. A simultaneous process will occur between 2023 and 2024 to update the Juanita Neighborhood Plan. 

January 2024 Updates and Announcements:

Your input is important to the City of Kirkland and we highly encourage you to participate in the plan update process. Please attend the upcoming meetings, tell your friends and family about the update, and provide your written comments to the project planner through our Public Comment Form.

Thank you for being engaged in your community!

What is the Process?

A Working Group will be formed to work with staff on updating the Kingsgate Neighborhood Plan which will include revisiting the vision statement and policies to determine if they are relevant for the change of the area over time.

A robust public outreach process will solicit input on revisions to the plan including public workshops, a survey and other engagement opportunities. See the Kingsgate Neighborhood Plan Update Framework(PDF, 813KB) document which includes our community outreach and engagement plan. 

The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the drafted Plan amendments at a meeting next Summer (2024). The Planning Commission will make a recommendation for the consideration of the City Council. The City Council will make a decision on the amendments later this year.

The community will have an opportunity to comment on the draft plans prior to the public hearing before the Planning Commission and final adoption by City Council by the end of 2024. See timeline for key steps and timing.

To learn more and get involved in the update, please contact:

LeAndra Baker-Lewis, Senior Planner

How to Get Involved?

There are currently several ways to join the conversation for Kingsgate's future: 

  • Sign up for the Kingsgate Neighborhood Plan update email list - To sign up for Kingsgate Neighborhood Plan email updates, click here. This email group will keep you updated during each phase of the Plan update.

  • Submit thoughts and comments to the City - What do you envision for the future of Kingsgate? Submit a comment to us using this Public Comment Form and let us know about your ideas. These comments will be reviewed by City Council as well as the City's Planning Commission.

(updated January 2024)

Meeting Information

Visit the Planning Commission and City Council agenda pages to view past meeting materials dates listed below.

Planning Commission

Visit the Planning Commission Video Archives page to access video recordings of past meetings.

August 24, 2023Planning Commission Meeting Packet(PDF, 15MB)

The next study session with the Planning Commission is tentatively scheduled for January 25, 2024


City Council

Visit the City Council video archive page to view recordings of past meetings. 

October 3, 2023City Council Meeting Packet(PDF, 9MB)