Neighborhood Planning

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This page is a portal to the City's neighborhood planning process. Kirkland is made up of 14 vibrant neighborhoods, each with their own unique features and assets. The neighborhoods all have their own neighborhood plan within Chapter 15 of the City's Comprehensive Plan. For each neighborhood, these plans address topics such as:

  • Historical Context
  • Natural Environment
  • Land Use
  • Transportation
  • Open Space and Parks
  • Other Topics (specific to the neighborhood)

Below you will find out about neighborhood plans in progress. If you want to know which neighborhood you live or work in, view a map(PDF, 2MB) of Kirkland's neighborhoods. 

In-progress Neighborhood Plan Updates


What are Neighborhood Plans?

Each neighborhood has its own plan, which is a document that charts the course for its future. The core purpose of each plan is to help define - through goals, objectives and policies - how each neighborhood should promote mobility, accommodate forecasted household and job growth, and provide open space and recreational opportunities, and other vital services, all in line with the City's Comprehensive Plan.

What is the Process for Updating Neighborhood Plans?


The City uses the Neighborhood Planning Framework(PDF, 295KB) as a guide for the neighborhood plan update process. The framework helps the community and City staff navigate the neighborhood planning process in order to build better plans. The framework provides a starting point for creating a schedule and work program that are customized to the needs of the neighborhood. The framework establishes expectations for both the neighborhood and City staff throughout the planning process. Lastly, it includes a cookbook of policies to help the community design policies that will shape its future. 


In 2025, the neighborhood planning process will transition to a new updating process. All neighborhood plans will receive a comprehensive update with each 10-year major Comprehensive Plan Update, and individual neighborhood plans will be updated as needed during any annual Comprehensive Plan Update. Every neighborhood plan update process incorporates public participation and provides various avenues for community input.

2024 Neighborhood Plan Revisions

The draft neighborhood plan amendments can be found within the May 23, 2024 public hearing packet - see link below. Please submit comments regarding these changes to the Planning Commission directly, or to the project planner listed below. All comments received on the drafted neighborhood plans will be reviewed by the Planning Commission before the public hearing scheduled for July 11, 2024, and by City Council before adoption.

As the Planning and Building Department works to update the 2044 Comprehensive Plan, staff has incorporated some edits to each neighborhood plan to make the plans as relevant and readable as possible. Draft revisions include:

  • Minor revisions to neighborhood plan text recommended by the 2022 EcoNorthwest Equity Review Report(PDF, 4MB) to ensure consistency with Kirkland’s goal of a welcoming city for all
  • Consolidation of historical text that is not neighborhood-specific into an Appendix to the 2044 Comprehensive Plan
  • Formatting changes to enable neighborhood plan consistency
  • Any changes that may arise from the study of increasing density along major transit routes (as directed by City Council). More information on this study can be found on the Land Use Comprehensive Plan webpage.

For more information, please contact project planner LeAndra Baker-Lewis at or 425-587-3265.