Land Use and Transportation

TOD (transit oriented development) at the South Kirkland Park and Ride with a transit center and apartments

families with moms and children crossing the street at a crosswalk with a grassy median, with a little girl holding a pedestrian flag

Why is land use and transportation important for sustainability?

Land use influences how people get where they need to go. If destinations are too far or unsafe to walk, bike, or bus to, driving is more common. Currently vehicles contribute half of Kirkland’s greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing air pollution from vehicles improves the community’s health. Pollution also gets washed from roads and roofs into lakes and streams.

How was Kirkland doing before adopting the Sustainability Master Plan?

10-minute-neighborhood-display.jpg The City encourages smart compact growth that reduces the need to drive by supporting:

  • 10-minute Neighborhoods: a walkable community where people can meet basic needs within a ten-minute walk, that’s conveniently accessible
  • Transit Oriented Development: a type of development with a mix of housing, office, retail and other amenities in a walkable neighborhood, within half a mile of quality public transportation

Between 2009-2019, Kirkland added nearly three miles of new sidewalk. Almost 70% of the 2015 planned bike lane network is built and the City is expanding the Neighborhood Greenways network. The City received a bronze rating from Walk Friendly Communities and Bicycle Friendly Communities (pdf).

What key land use and transportation goals are included in the Sustainability Master Plan?

Key land use and transportation goals include:

cyclist using bike box at 100th Ave intersection in Juanita near Juanita Village and Michael's How can the community help meet these goals?

  • Walk, bike or roll instead of driving
  • Carpool or bus instead of driving alone
  • Drive cautiously, don’t speed, and be alert for people walking and biking
  • Alert City staff to sidewalk and bike lane maintenance needs using the Our Kirkland app