Vision Zero

Kirkland Vision Zero logoGoal T-0. By 2035, eliminate all transportation related fatal and serious injury crashes in Kirkland.

Safety is the first goal in Kirkland’s Transportation Master Plan which includes Policy T-0.1 to develop a Vision Zero safety plan that is multi-disciplinary and focuses on innovative approaches to safety. The City's first Vision Zero Action Plan(PDF, 5MB)  was adopted June 2022.

Vision Zero emphasizes that people of all ages and abilities deserve to move safely throughout their communities. In order to attain the goal of zero fatalities and serious injuries, Vision Zero focuses on a Safe Systems approach to drive our objectives and plan implementation.

Kirkland has made great strides with designing a safer roadway system for all users, but we are still seeing injuries and fatalities within our city. It is the collective responsibility of system designers and policy makers to ensure safe systems for travel, and Vision Zero is an innovative, ever-improving approach to address these issues.

Vision Zero explanation table

The Vision Zero Action Plan:

  • Evaluates crash data to identify areas with crash patterns and indicators
  • Prioritizes Safe Street Design, Operations, and Investments
  • Prioritizes building a Robust and Transparent Data Framework for evaluating and sharing crash data in the future (the City currently has available collision data from 2015-2019)
  • Promotes and Institutionalizes a Culture of Safety