Kenmore-Kirkland Community Van

  Community Van - 6-passenger van

Request a Trip

The Community Van program provides 6-passenger and 12-passenger vans for pre-scheduled rides -- either one-time or recurring -- involving a minimum of two passengers plus a volunteer driver. Trip destinations can be anywhere within a two-hour drive of Kirkland and can occur during the daytime, evenings, and weekends. This is a way for community members to plan customized trips when bus service can't meet their needs. Take advantage of Community Van for trips to the airport, appointments, errands, and outings! Also please consider signing up to be a volunteer driver.

How it works?

  • Request a trip a minimum of 48 hours in advance. We can sometimes accommodate last-minute requests.

  • Valid trips using vehicles in the Kirkland-Kenmore Community Van program must either have a passenger pickup location (trip origin) or passenger drop-off location (trip destination) that is within the boundaries of the cities of Kirkland or Kenmore. For other cities that are also operating Community Van programs, see King County's Community Van webpage. 

  • Each passenger pays a Metro bus fare ($2.75) for the round trip. The driver travels for free as do people age 18 and under.
  • Our two 6-passenger vans are wheelchair accessible as is one of our two 12-passenger vans.

How to pay?

Fares are round-trip and are priced at $2.75. Metro Transit Fares and ORCA Information 

  1. Use the Transit Go App on your phone.
  2. Use an ORCA Card if you have a monthly or annual pass on it. (An ORCA card loaded with e-purse value is not a valid payment method for a Community Van trip.)
  • Adult monthly pass ($99/month, based on a $2.75 fare).
  • Regional Reduced Fare (RRFP) monthly pass for seniors or disabled riders ($36.00/month, based on a $1.00 fare).
  • LIFT Monthly Pass for low-income riders ($54/month, based on a $1.50 fare).

3. Use a King County Human Services bus ticket.

Community Van - 12-passenger van