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Combine Biking with Transit

Learn from King County Metro Transit

Bike loading and unloading
Secure bike parking
Sharing the road safely with transit

Use a Practice Bus Bike Rack

Purpose: Practice loading bikes onto and off of a bus bike rack in a low-pressure setting.
1. Kirkland Transit Center, near the baseball field / Location Map(JPG, 676KB)

Bike Maintenance Stations

Purpose: Repair or maintain a bicycle using the air pump and tools provided.
1. Kirkland Library, near the main entrance / Photo(JPG, 1MB)
2. Kingsgate Library, near the main entrance

Kirkland Bike Map

Displays locations of bike lanes, buffered bike lanes, and ped/bike bridges which cross over I-405 (last updated July 2019)

Kirkland-Bike-Map-sidebox-thumbnail.jpg(PDF, 836KB)

bicycle friendly community badge 2017 Bicycle Friendly Community Designation

The League of American Bicyclists named Kirkland a Bicycle Friendly Community with a bronze designation in 2017(PDF, 91KB). The City has reapplied to receive a higher designation given the major investments made since 2017 and is awaiting the results.


Bike Friendly Business Bronze Badge Bicycle Friendly Business Designation

The League of American Bicyclists named the City of Kirkland a Bicycle Friendly Business bronze designation in 2022. The City intends to periodically apply for higher designations.

Do you have a bicycle-friendly business in Kirkland? Apply to be nationally recognize by the League of American Bicyclists.


Bike Everywhere Month

The City Council typically proclaims May each year as Bike Everywhere Month, in coordination with Cascade Bicycle Club and the League of American Bicyclists. This promotes greater public awareness of bicycle operations and safety, with the goals of increasing the amount of bicycling activity on Kirkland's roads and trails, and decreasing the rates of collisions, injuries, and fatalities. The City is committed to building and sustaining a thriving community by creating a livable, walkable, vibrant, accessible, and sustainable Kirkland for all residents.

Bike Everywhere Day

Bike Everywhere Day is the third Friday in May. In cooperation with Cascade Bicycle Club, Kirkland participates by hosting celebration stations where people on bicycles can stop by to be cheered on, receive giveaways, and learn about the latest bicycling-related developments in the city. 

All are encouraged to come out and join the fun! The City will have celebration stations at Marina Park and Evergreen Point Park & Ride / 520 Trail from 6 - 9 a.m. Interested in hosting your own celebration station? Visit Cascade Bicycle Club to register.

bikers happy at bike everywhere day


Want to Help Others Learn to Bike?

Become an instructor with the League of American Cyclists.