Rent an Outdoor Parks Facility

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 Reserve a Picnic Area or Shelter online at

Thank you for considering Kirkland Parks for your event!  Kirkland’s parks and facilities are great locations to hold events such as family picnics, birthday parties, and weddings. Not all Kirkland Parks are available as event rental sites, but many locations are. Review our inventory of available park locations to find the right fit for your event needs. 

The 132nd Square Park Picnic Shelters are now available to reserve online at our reservation website. Visit for additional information.

Rental Fees and Hours

Picnic Areas/Shelters Fees and Hours

  • Half Day (9 AM to 2 PM or 3 PM to 9 PM)
  • All Day (9 AM to 9 PM)
 Location  Half Day All Day
Resident   Non-Resident Resident  Non-Resident
132nd Square Picnic Shelter 1* $85  $100 $160 $190
132nd Square Picnic Shelter 2* $85  $100  $160 $190
132nd Square Picnic Shelter 3* $85  $100   $160  $190
Crestwoods Picnic Area $175 $210 $300 $360
Edith Moulton Picnic Shelter $100 $120 $190 $230
Everest Picnic Shelter $100 $120 $190 $230
Houghton Picnic Area $85 $100 $160 $190
Juanita Beach Picnic Shelter 1* $120 $145 $230 $275
Juanita Beach Picnic Shelter 2* $120 $145  $230 $275
Juanita Beach Picnic Shelters 1 & 2* $230 $275 $450 $540
North Rose Hill Woodlands Shelter $40 $48 $75 $90
OO Denny Picnic Area $85 $100 $160 $190
OO Denny Picnic Shelter $120 $145 $230 $275
Rose Hill Meadows Shelter* $40 $48 $75 $90
Rotary Central Station Shelter* $40 $48 $75 $90
Waverly Beach Picnic Shelter $85 $100 $160 $190

*No access to lawn space.

Marina Park's Al Locke Pavilion
Hours: 7 A.M. to 11 P.M.

 Minimum 2 Hour Rental Resident Non-Resident
 1-50 Guests $40/Hour $50/Hour
 51-100 Guests $50/Hour $60/Hour
 Alcohol Damage Deposit*  $200 (for rentals including alcohol only 

*Damage deposit is refundable if all permit conditions are successfully met and no damage occurs. Refunds are processed within 10 business days of rental.

Peter Kirk Pool Fees and Hours
Seasonal Pool (Open in Summer only)

Pool 1.5 Hours  3 Hours 
 Both Main and Wading Pools  $360  $575
 Main Pool $290 $464
 Wading Pool $160 $256

How To Find the Right Location

Please select a Facility on the Outdoor Facilities Available for Reservation tab above for a description of each rental location. You can download our Parks Rental Site Information(PDF, 210KB) for an overview of all rental facilities available from Kirkland Parks. The Parks Rental Site Information PDF provides a table/matrix of all rental sites with location capacity and amenities at each location throughout the parks system.

Do I need a Permit? What type of Permit does my event need?

A permit may be needed for your event depending on your event needs. Please see below for additional information on when a permit is needed:

How do I apply for a Facility Use Permit or check availability of a facility?

  1. Read the guidelines and application requirements for the type of event you're planning:
  2. For a Facility Use Permit, make sure your event date meets the the minimum timeframe required to make a reservation.
    • Picnic Area/Shelter reservations need at least 7 days' advance notice
    • Peter Kirk Pool reservations need at least 14 days' advance notice
    • Marina Park Al Locke Pavilion reservations need at least 30 days' advance notice
  3. To apply for a Facility Use Permit, visit to check availability and reserve online! The website is not mobile optimized and may be best viewed on a computer.