Totem Lake Park

Totem Lake Park playground in July 2021

The City of Kirkland transformed Totem Lake Park into a recreational centerpiece of the Totem Lake Urban Center. The park opened in July 2021 and features family restrooms, a water bottle filling station, drinking fountains for humans and canines, a community picnic table that's over 48 feet long, and a new accessible-to-all-abilities playground.

The park also features a 10-foot-wide boardwalk that connects to the Cross Kirkland Corridor. The large wetland in the center of the park provides valuable habitat, helps filter pollutants, and absorbs rainwater. 

Park Donations

Donating funds to a park is a wonderful way to show appreciation for Kirkland, to honor someone special, or to commemorate a milestone. Park benches and tables are the most popular items to donate, however other donations are possible as well, like those for trees or landscape, for general park maintenance, towards public art or other site amenities (i.e. water fountains), and even towards the tools and equipment needed to keep Kirkland’s parks beautiful.

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Public Art

Trace by Jill Anholt Studio

Trace consists of a series of brightly colored vertical markers located along the boardwalk at Totem Lake Park. The artwork is inspired by the incredibly rich and diverse range of wildlife that occupies Totem Lake Park. Each single art component appears as a kind of whimsical sculptural form when seen in isolation, however when viewed from a certain perspective, each pair of components align to form a recognizable outline of a bird, fish or animal species that inhabits the Totem Lake wetland. Trace encourages visitors to pause and look deeper into the landscape, enhancing their understanding and curiosity for Totem Lake Park’s ecology, with the hope that a sense of stewardship and care for the preservation of this precious ecosystem can be fostered.

Trace artwork on the boardwalk at Totem Lake Park

Trace artwork on the boardwalk at Totem Lake Park


Photos of Totem Lake Park


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