Erosion Control Pre-Approved Plans


All details generated by the City of Kirkland's Public Works Department are representations of current standards.  Discrepancies may occur and feedback is welcome, as we are always trying to improve the quality of our details.  Please check with the Public Works Department to see which details are applicable to your project.

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The following details were created and are maintained in AutoCAD. They are presented here in .pdf format for viewing and can be inserted into AutoCAD documents.  

Temporary Construction Entrance - Single Family CK-E.01(PDF, 148KB)
Temporary Construction Entrance - Plat / Commercial CK-E.02(PDF, 145KB)
Silt Fence CK-E.03(PDF, 82KB)
Small Site Erosion & Sedimentation Control Plan Example CK-E.04(PDF, 92KB)
Temporary Stockpile CK-E.05(PDF, 137KB)
Nets, Blankets, and Temporary Stabilization CK-E.06(PDF, 104KB)
Check Dam CK-E.07(PDF, 33KB)
Catch Basin / Inlet Sedimentation Trap CK-E.08(PDF, 26KB)
Temporary Sediment Pond CK-E.09(PDF, 131KB)
Temporary Sediment Trap CK-E.09A(PDF, 89KB)
Straw Wattles CK-E.10(PDF, 79KB)
Storm Drain Protection Insert CK-E.11(PDF, 103KB)
Soil Amendment Notes for Ecology BMP T5.13 CK-E.12(PDF, 127KB)