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Survey Control

The City of Kirkland maintains a variety of land survey records that may be of interest to the engineering and surveying communities. The single largest piece of this archive is a table completed in 2002 containing detailed horizontal control information for Public Land Survey System (PLSS) sections within or adjacent to the city limits. In 2008 vertical elevation benchmarks were established using 2nd Order Class I Specifications and Procedures. The observed elevations were determined holding the elevation of City of Bellevue Benchmark Number 89. The PLSS survey records, a compilation of work by several licensed land surveyors over a period of years, conform to the following specifications:

  • Include metadata
  • Units are U.S. Survey Foot, in some cases calculated from meters
  • Coordinates are expressed as latitude/longitude as well as Washington State Plane Coordinate System, North Zone
  • Reference ellipsoid is Geodetic Reference System 1980 [GRS 80]
  • Horizontal datum is North American Datum of 1983(1991), [NAD 83/91], based on High Accuracy Reference Network [HARN] as stipulated by Washington State statute.
  • Vertical datum is North American Vertical Datum of 1988 [NAVD 88]
  • Section centers are calculated as the straight-line intersection of opposing quarter-section positions, or other applicable, accepted survey profession procedures. Section centers have not been exhaustively researched in regard to recorded surveys that reference established monuments as the “center of section.”
  • Lakefront PLSS positions including historic meander corners are incomplete and poorly monumented, and have been established largely by calculation using applicable, accepted survey profession procedures.
  • Sources for values in this table include the City of Bellevue, King County, the Washington Department of Natural Resources, and various private licensed surveyors.

Other survey records in the City’s archive include record drawings and King County Department of Assessments maps that frequently contain original field survey information and/or final boundary information and corner coordinates as adjusted. Users should note that there was no single, consistent source of vertical control for the City of Kirkland in the past. Individual developments often utilized project datums for topographic and engineering surveys, in some cases tying these to selected bench marks maintained by the State of Washington within the Interstate Route 405 right-of-way. For both horizontal and vertical control, it is suggested that all users of City survey records review these sources carefully to determine suitability for a given application.

Please click on the legend below to view the monument map, locate your area of interest, and click on the monument number to view the data.  The data is in PDF form. 

Monument Locations - Small Map

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