Surface Water Design and Construction

Per the City of Kirkland's National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit, the following documents were adopted by City Council and are in effect for new projects as of January 1, 2017.

2016 King County Surface Water Design Manual (KCSWDM)

City of Kirkland Addendum to the 2016 KCSWDM(PDF, 213KB)

Notice of Vesting Under 2016 KCSWDM(PDF, 122KB)

Training on the 2016 KCWSDM with the City of Kirkland Addendum (PDF, 8MB)


The City of Kirkland Pre-Approved Plans and Policies are to be referred to by any individual or company designing, constructing or maintaining water, sewer, storm drainage, or street improvements in the City of Kirkland. The Pre-Approved plans include sections related to low impact development (LID) and stormwater drainage facilities:

Storm Drainage Notes, Policies, and Pre-Approved Plans

LID Storm Facilities Notes, Design Criteria, and Pre-Approved Plans


Drainage Review Types

In accordance with the 2016 King County Surface Water Design Manual and City of Kirkland Addendum, theare are four levels of drainage reviews to consider - basic, simplified, targeted, and full review. Use the Manual and this flow chart to determine the type of drainage review required(PDF, 529KB)

Basic/Simplified Review


Targeted/Full Review



See the Maps and GIS Data webpages for flow control, water quality, and landslide hazard area maps.