Transportation Analysis and Variance Request

Requirements- What do I do now?

To apply for Transportation/Variance review, please submit the following to the Public Works Department:

  • The attached Transportation/Variance Review application
  • The review fee
  • The required analysis as specified by the city transportation engineer:
    • Vicinity map showing the project site
    • Address and/or tax parcel number(s) of the project
    • Site plan
    • Description of the project (ex: size, number of units, sq footage of commercial use, etc)
    • Location of the project’s vehicle access points as they connect to the roadway network
    • Land Use type (in accordance with ITE)
    • Year of anticipated completion and full occupancy of the project.  If the project will be completed in phases, then provide a phase program in a table format with build-out year and trip generation for each of the phases.
    • LSM, Building or SEPA permit number for the development, if any.
    • For a variance- Description of the requested variance(s), analysis and supporting data.
    • For a transportation review- the analysis and the supporting data as required by the city transportation engineer.  


Unless approved by the City Transportation Engineer, the submitted variance and transportation analysis must be completed and stamped by a professional engineer with experience in transportation analysis.


What are the deadlines, and is there an appeals process?

The transportation/variance review must be completed prior to receiving the final building permit.  There is no appeal process and the decision letter from the city transportation engineer is final.