What You Can Do to Help the Environment

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The choices you make every day impact how clean Kirkland's lakes, creeks, and air are. Each of our environmental choices adds up, so we need your help to keep Kirkland's water clean and air healthy!

Upgrade to a heat pump with Energy Smart Eastside, a 2022 program offered by the City of Kirkland and four other cities.

At Home

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In Your Yard

Resident Holding Yard Smart Sign in front of native plantings

On the Go

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In Your Neighborhood

Indian men in blue hopeful shirts carrying mulch at a volunteer restoration event

Community Project Highlight

Anti-Idling Public Awareness Campaign

The Anti-Idling Public Awareness Campaign is a community-led effort fully supported by the City Council. This campaign directly aligns with Action ES 1.2: Work with community members to create public/private partnerships to reduce emissions, in the City’s Sustainability Master Plan.

Why is idling bad?

  1. Contributes to unhealthy air quality and related health risks
  2. Generates CO2 greenhouse gas emissions
  3. Wastes fuel and money
  4. Bad for the vehicle’s engine

Learn more about the impacts of idling

About the campaign

The purpose of this campaign is to increase public awareness of the effects of idling and encourage all who can limit their time spent idling to do so.

The community-led effort will involve outreach to local businesses, churches, neighborhood associations, schools, and at local public events. Campaign volunteers will provide an update to City Council in late 2022.

Get involved

To get involved, contact the campaign volunteers Susan Vossler and Judy Beto.