Install Residential Rooftop-Mounted Solar Panels


Ever thought about installing solar panels on your roof?

Concerned about the complexity of the permit process?

Wondering where to go for help?

As part of a federal Department of Energy grant, Kirkland and other grant partners (Seattle, Bellevue) have developed a streamlined process for the permitting of small-scale rooftop-mounted solar installations for single-family residential customers.

All solar photovoltaic (PV) systems require an Electrical Permit and, in some rare cases*, a Building Permit.

*Note: If you do not qualify for the Building Permit Exemption (Section 3 of the checklist linked to below) you will need to apply for both a Building Permit and a separate Electrical Permit.


Online Process

Step 1.Preparation

Complete the following paperwork:

Step 2.Submittal

Go to and apply for an Electrical Permit online. Upload all required paperwork listed above. 

Step 3.Review

Applications will be simultaneously reviewed by the Electrical plan reviewer and a Land Use planner for code compliance. 

Step 4.Permit Issuance

Upon permit approval, the applicant pays the associated fees and is issued an Electrical Permit.

Step 5.Inspection

  • A pre-construction meeting is required on all PV panels prior to installation, and can be scheduled as a pre-con inspection through
  • After the PV system installation is completed, schedule a final inspection through

If the project is completed per plan, there are no further requirements.
If the project is not completed per plan, corrections, additional inspections or further plan review may be required.