What can I put in my green garbage cart?

All your trash should be bagged and placed in your green cart or dumpster(see links for drop-off recycling options for certain items). 


Please double bag pet waste / kitty litter, packing peanuts, and cold ashes.

Additional trash that doesn't fit in your cart with the lid closed may be subject to a charge. You can place extra garbage next to your cart for a charge.

What shouldn't go in my trash?

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste, including CFL bulbsbatteries, oil-based paint, chemicals, pesticides, propane tanks, and automobile fluids, do not belong in the trash. Bring them to these locations for proper disposal:

  • Factoria Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Site
    There is no cost for disposal of hazardous material.

  • Hazardous Wastemobile
    The roving Wastemobile travels to communities throughout King County on a periodic basis, offering a local option for disposal of hazardous waste. The Wastemobile typically comes to Kirkland in May. There is no cost for disposal of hazardous material.


Do not throw away or flush unwanted medicine. Safely dispose of prescription and over-the-counter medicine at secure medicine return kiosks in Kirkland.

Sharps should be collected in a 2-liter bottle and disposed at safe drop locations in King County, which include a drop box in Bellevue and the Shoreline Transfer Station.


While composting your food is not mandatory in Kirkland, we encourage you to keep food out of the garbage and put it in your food and yard waste cart instead. Due to the low-oxygen conditions of the landfill, food sits in the landfill for years before it decomposes.


Recycle electronics with our free curbside electronics recycling program or at E-Cycle Washington drop-off sites.

What should I do with oversize items?

Waste Management offers bulky collection curbside for single-family residents for a charge.

Oversize items, like mattresses and unusable furniture, can be disposed of as trash for a charge at King County Transfer Stations. In Kirkland, the Houghton Transfer Station is located in the Bridle Trails neighborhood. Recycling options for oversize items, including appliances and oversize scrap metal, are available at the Factoria Transfer Station in Bellevue and the Shoreline Transfer Station in Shoreline.

Cleanup LIFT Offers Low-Income Residents Discount for Disposal

Low-income King County residents may be eligible for reduced fees at King County transfer stations, including Houghton Transfer Station in Kirkland and the Factoria Recycling and Transfer Station. Eligible King County residents who show their Provider One, EBT or ORCA LIFT card can receive $12 off the cost to dispose of recyclables, yard waste and garbage each visit. Learn more.

Where does my trash go?

Trash does not get sorted after the collection truck picks it up. The same day it's picked up, it goes to the Cedar Hills Regional Landfill in Maple Valley where it is buried and sits for years. Because we have limited amount of unoccupied land for landfills, it is important that everything that we put in the trash are things that really cannot be recycled or composted.