Recycle Used Cooking Oil

Used cooking oil and other grease accumulated while cooking should not be poured or washed down the drain. These can clog and damage sewer pipes, causing nasty overflows, messy spills on streets, and expensive clean-up costs. Save your pipes and recycle your used cooking oil instead. This service is free!

All collected cooking oil will be recycled into biodiesel fuel by NW Biofuels.

We know the tank can look a little messy, but better the tank than your pipes at home! If you do not want to drop off your cooking oil, you can also throw it away in your garbage in a sealed container.

This tank is for cooking oil only - NO motor oil. (Motor oil can be dropped off at the Factoria Hazardous Waste Drop-off

Steps to recycle used cooking oil in Kirkland

Take used cooking oil to North Kirkland Community Center

The cooking oil tank is located at the north end of the North Kirkland Community Center parking lot, 12421 103rd Avenue NE. Drive past the building and enter the back parking lot. Tank is at the North end of the parking lot near the basketball court. Our community food scrap carts are located next to it.


Add your used cooking oil into the collection tank. The collection tank is unlocked 24/7. The black lid may be hot, so consider bringing a rag on hot days.
Pouring used cooking oil into biodiesel collection tank

Close the lid!

 Once finished adding your cooking oils to be recycled, close the lid.  

Take your containers

Do not leave the containers at the tank! Take the containers home to recycle, reuse, or throw away.

Help identify spills

If you see a spill of oil on the ground, or accidentally spill any yourself, please let us know! We need to clean up spills to prevent the oil from getting into our storm system and flowing into Lake Washington. Contact our 24/7 Spill Hotline at 425-587-3900 so a crew can clean it up ASAP.


Prevent spills! Let us know if the tank needs attention

If the tank is more than half full, please let us know at or 425-587-3812 so we can arrange for the oil to be emptied. You may also contact NW Biofuels directly.

If you see that someone has left full oil containers on the ground, please let us know at or 425-587-3812 so we can empty them into the tank to make sure they don't spill and make a mess on the parking lot. (If possible, we would be hugely appreciative if you could please empty any containers of cooking oil into the tank to save staff from making a special trip. We also don't monitor our hotline on weekends, so if you encounter this on a weekend it would be extra helpful!)