Neighborhood Greenways


Neighborhood Greenways prioritize a select network of residential streets for people of all ages and abilities to feel safe to walk and ride bicycles. These are often streets with low speeds and volumes that can provide a comfortable alternative to bike lanes on busy arterials. Greenways often have signs, pavement markings and traffic control measures that enhance walking and bicycling safety and comfort. As such, driving an automobile on a greenway, by design, is less convenient than driving on the other streets.

Greenways Construction - Northeast 75th Street, 128th Avenue Northeast
The City of Kirkland completed construction spring 2023 on its first two neighborhood greenways. They are South Rose Hill's Northeast 75th Street corridor and North Rose Hill's 128th Avenue Northeast corridor.

Greenways Construction - Stores to Shores Greenway
Design is underway for the next greenway, the Stores to Shores route which will connect Totem Lake to Heritage Park. The design team expects to begin construction in spring 2024 and to complete the project in summer 2024.

Kirkland's Greenways Guidelines(PDF, 6MB)
This document establishes the outreach process and design standards for implementing neighborhood greenway projects.

Concepts for Public Art on Kirkland Greenways(PDF, 4MB)
In addition to providing safe connections between neighborhoods, Kirkland Greenways aim to utilize art to bring life to streets and communities. Through the use of permanent works of public art, neighbors can foster three important goals within the community:

  1. Identity encourages residents and visitors to come together, share their stories, and express neighborhood pride in a meaningful way.
  2. Wayfinding elements will provide users with the tools to locate themselves in their surroundings and mark trails as welcoming public spaces to enjoy.
  3. Gathering spaces provide opportunities for rest, relaxation and recreation. These are areas that accommodate seating and daily community uses such as sharing libraries or bulletin boards. They are places where people choose to meet.