132nd Square Park Redevelopment and Stormwater Retrofit

  • Project typePark renovation and stormwater retrofit
  • Project value$11,540,000
  • Project scheduleJuly 2021 - July 2023
  • Contractor nameAllied Construction



WHAT:  The park renovation begins an estimated one-year park closure while the contractor, Allied Construction, installs the stormwater facility, multi-use synthetic turf field with lighting, new restroom, expanded parking with drop-off zone, new playground, walking trail and picnic shelters.  

 WHEN:  Kirkland's contractor plans to begin construction by early July.  It intends to complete the stormwater detention facility by the end of 2021, and to complete the park renovation by late summer 2022.

 WHY: The City of Kirkland is renovating 132nd Square Park, and at the same time, installing a stormwater solution to benefit the waterways between Kingsgate and Lake Washington.  Among other improvements, the project will replace the southern-most softball/soccer field's grassy -- and frequently mussy -- surface with a synthetic turf surface that will be playable all year.  

Kirkland's leaders have timed the park renovation project with the installation of a stormwater system beneath the park's new synthetic turf multi-use field.  The stormwater system will consolidate and treat surface water runoff from the surrounding 48.25 acres, including the nearly 10 acre park site, and is funded primarily with grant awards from the Department of Ecology and the King County Opportunity Fund.  The stormwater project was the highest impact project in the Juanita Creek/Totem Lake Basin Surface Water Retrofit Study

Read the Project Update(PDF, 5MB) mailed to over 4000 addresses surrounding the park at the start of construction.


132nd Square Park, 13159 132nd Ave NE, Kirkland, WA 98034,    View Map

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