Kirkland Urban



A new plan for a mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented development at Kirkland Urban (previously Parkplace) has been approved. The project required zoning text amendments to allow additional residential (including an affordable housing requirement) and incentives for a movie theater. Amendments to the Master Plan and Design Guidelines for Kirkland Urban were also necessary (see updated Master Plan & Design Guidelines below), as well as revisions to the Planned Action Ordinance (PAO).

The proposed project will have a maximum 1,315,000 square feet. The estimated square footage for the new project includes:

  • 744,655 sq. ft. of office
  • 218,345 sq. ft. of commercial space, including 54,000 sq. ft. of grocery and 40,000 sq. ft. for a movie theatre
  • 352,000 sq. ft. of multi-family residential space (maximum 367 dwelling units).


Meeting Information

View meeting packet information for the Conceptual Design Conference (CDC), Design Response Conference (DRC), Planning Commission (PC), and/or City Council by clicking on the appropriate tab below.


Conceptual Design Conference - March 18, 2019

 Conceptual Design Conference - June 15, 2015


Design Response Conference - October 25, 2019

Design Response Conference - September 3, 2019

Design Response Conference - August 19, 2019

Design Response Conference - July 15, 2019

Master Plan and Design Guidelines used during Design Response Conferences - August 17, 2015

Planning Commission

Planning Commission Meeting - November 14, 2019

Planning Commission Meeting - December 13, 2018

City Council

City Council Meeting - December 10, 2019

City Council Meeting - January 15, 2019

City Council Meeting - February 17, 2015

What is the Process?

  • Design Review Board: Review for compliance with applicable Design Guidelines
  • SEPA (Environmental): Review potential environmental impacts
  • Traffic: Review potential traffic impacts
  • Building Permit: Review for compliance with City Building Code, Zoning Code and Public Works Standards


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