Human Services

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Human Services Division

The City of Kirkland’s Human Services Division serves as coordinator, collaborator, facilitator, and funder for support systems that help people through economic and personal crises and provide low-and moderate-income persons with opportunities to succeed.  


Homeless Services

As Kirkland has grown in population and transitioned into a more urban environment, homelessness, a nationwide issue, has become more visible here. Root causes of homelessness include lack of affordable housing, low-paying jobs, domestic violence, chronic health problems, substance abuse and mental health issue.  Our Homelessness page provides information on resources and how the City approaches the issue.

Human Services Commission

Kirkland's Human Services Commission is directed to advise in the City’s efforts to support a socially sustainable community through health and human services and programs that fulfill the basic needs of all people and enhance the quality of life in our city now and into the future.

Human Services Dashboard

In the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd and the demands from community members to examine and dismantle institutional and structural racism in Kirkland, the City Council passed Resolution R-5434(PDF, 396KB) . This resolution lays out a number of commitments that the City of Kirkland will take to ensure the safety and respect of Black people in Kirkland. The transparency strategy in the resolution calls for the development of five public dashboards to allow the community and the Council to understand how the City is performing in a number of areas. The Human Services Dashboard is one of the five dashboards.  

Human Services Grant Application Process

The Human Services Grant application process takes place on a biennium basis.  For more information on grant application criteria, process, and deadlines please visit our Grant Application page.

Human Services Resources

Our Human Services Resource page provides a list of organizations that can assist individuals with human service needs.

Youth Services

The City of Kirkland Youth Services section provides support, programs, resources, and advocacy for all our youth in grades 6-12.